Deandre Ayton is the hero of the Suns’ second victory over the Clippers.

With less than one second left in the game, the Suns were one point behind and only had 0.9 seconds to shoot. Jae Crowder caught the ball from the bottom line of the Suns and found Ayton cut into the basket.

Ayton threw it down. The game took only 0.2 seconds and won 104-103 for the Suns.

Let’s take a look at the amazing completion.

Ayton and Crowder deserve most of the credit, but Devin Booker also had an impact on the completion. He is 7 inches taller than Booker and weighs 35 pounds. The physical screen of Ivica Zubac gives Ayton enough room to open the cut and dunk.

Even though Patrick Beverley had a bleeding nose that needed stitches after an inadvertent hit earlier in the game, Booker put his body on the line.

The end of the Suns excited Phoenix fans and the team’s star point guard Chris Paul, who missed the NBA’s health and safety protocol for the second consecutive game. He took time to celebrate the victory on Twitter and praised coach Monty Williams for his “important game.”

Indeed, it was a good game and Williams made sure that Ayton was ready to dunk immediately after receiving the ball.

“DA-if he shoots, you have to try to dunk,” Williams said. “Ok?”

Ayton is ready and helpful. Thanks to his creation, NBA Twitter broke out and celebrated the exciting end of another competitive playoff game.

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