On Saturday, Chris Searle finally completed his long-awaited 2022 debut for Boston. He struck out in five innings and the Red Sox won by 14 points.

This happened a day after Kyle Schwarber completed his long-awaited 2022 debut for Boston. He walked twice, scored twice, and the Red Sox won by seven points.

The biggest takeaway of these two games is: If the Red Sox have more All-Star players on the injury list preparing to return, they may run away with the title of the American League Eastern Conference championship. Well, there is this: if they only play the Orioles-the Red Sox swept that three-game series with a total score of 30-5 this weekend-they will lock the division championship. But they have only played against the Orioles six times this season, so the Rays/Yankees/Blue Jays still have a chance to top the list.

These increases are a huge boost for the Red Sox. Schwab is the biggest acquisition in the relatively disappointing deal deadline for Boston fans, and they hope that the pitchers will get multiple reinforcements. Before the trade, Schwab hit 25 home runs for the Nationals, but when the trade happened, he had a hamstring problem in Illinois, which is why his debut didn’t appear until a few weeks later in August.

However, Searle has not pitched since 2019 due to injuries that required Tommy John surgery. It is safe to say that he is very happy to be back.

“This game was taken away from me,” Searle told reporters. According to the Boston Herald“It’s been two years since I had a hole in my chest. I’m completely honest with you. I take a few days for granted. I’ve been a major league player for 11 years. It took me some time. I took a few days. , I took a few weeks for granted. Through all this, my perspective has changed dramatically.

“I want to tell you one thing, I won’t waste another day in my major league career. That won’t happen.”

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This is why Searle’s return is so important: Boston’s starting pitcher has been healthy throughout the season, but this is not necessarily a good thing.

Garrett Richards started 22 times, with a self-reported rating of 5.22. Since June 1st, he has not completed six complete games. Eduardo Rodríguez has 23 starts and a 4.97 ERA, although his 3.34 FIP indicates that his pitch may be better than his results. Martin Perez made 22 starts with a 4.77 ERA, after which he was eliminated.

And, of course, Sale has been away for a long time, but he is still Chris Freaking Sale. From 2012 to 2018, he ranked among the top six in AL Cy Young’s vote with 2.91 ERA/2.84 FIP, 10.9 K/9 and 5.59 K/BB each year. Searle scored eight points in his debut, and both games were single homers for the Orioles.

“He is great. He is great,” the Red Sox manager Alex Cora says“Today is a special day for this organization. With everything he has experienced, he has honed in the whole process and feels bad about himself, because for the first time in his career, he couldn’t make a contribution.”

The Midland East has become the most competitive sector in baseball, with four teams having at least 9 games exceeding 0.500. Here are the standings for entering Monday’s game…

team record National standard
Rays 71-47
Red Sox 69-51 3
Yankees 65-52 5.5
Bluebird 63-54 7.5

When October arrives, at least one of these teams will stay off the court. It is possible that three of the four will be able to advance, or it is possible that only the division champion will be eligible for the playoffs (although the probability is very small, because this requires the Mariners to be on fire).

Currently, the Red Sox are tied with Team A in the wild card standings-which means that if the season ends today, they will all enter-but the Yankees are only 2 1/2 behind, and the Blue Jays are a pair of Yankees (The Mariners are the game guards of the Birds). And, keep in mind that both the Yankees and Blue Jays added a lot of reinforcements before the trade deadline.

The Red Sox have led the American League East for most of the season — remember, they led 4 1/2 in early July — but they are considering the obvious possibility of exiting the playoffs altogether. Nevertheless, after such a long period of layoffs, Sox was cautious in not rushing to bring Sale back to the big man.

The left-hander took a five-star tour of Boston’s minor league system. On July 15th, he made his first start for the club’s rookie league team and cast three rounds. Five days later, he pitched 3 2/3 no hits and no scoring innings for Portland’s Double A, and then on July 25th he pitched 64 goals for Portland and scored 9 goals, but allowed two runs.

He also made two triple-A starts and played 15 times in 9 2/3 innings. He is on base for this spectacular catch by Wochester teammate Tate Matheny.

His minor league totals: 5 starts, 20 innings, 35 strikeouts, 1.35 ERA in 24 calendar days.

His return to the majors is almost everything the Socks hope for.

“I think those moments, we don’t take it for granted,” Cora says“We always talk, we are a family, we are happy for each other, we suffer for each other. Throughout the journey, we smile and cry together. Today, we had a great time. It’s great. It’s refreshing. Me Never forget that moment. When we returned to the club, it felt very special.”

Most importantly, he completed the start in a healthy state and was ready. The impact of Searle’s return-on the court and at the club-is something the Sock team desperately needs.

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