A beloved Cambridge restaurant that has been closed since the pandemic began appears to be preparing to reopen.

According to posted in tweet From @twoodfin, there is a sign on Christopher’s website in Porter Square that says “Join us at Toad next door as we prepare to reopen Christopher.” Lots of discussion since its last post on Facebook was in June 2020 when it said “We are currently unable to reopen Christopher’s. This incredible heartbreak is a challenging time for us as we Knowing this is true for everyone in the restaurant industry. Christopher has been a part of our family and community for 40 years, and we are not ready to give up hope. We are trying to persevere as best we can; unfortunately, We don’t have a reopening date on our calendar yet.”

The people behind Christopher’s and Toad also run Cambridge Common and Lizard Lounge on the street; the former is open, while the latter is temporarily closed.

Christopher’s address is 1920 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02140.Its website can be found at https://christopherscambridge.com/