Clemson University avoided the planned teacher strike Wednesday, the first day of class. Announce A three-week indoor mask task.Clemson changed the course of the cover after Tuesday Decide The Supreme Court of South Carolina supports the University of South Carolina’s mask authorization. On Wednesday, some professors at Clemson University still used the planned campus protest space to distribute hundreds of masks to students who had forgotten to wear masks or were surprised by the order, and promoted wearing masks and vaccinations. “There is a lot of misinformation about COVID-19, and as educators, we can start these important conversations,” said Kimberly Paul, an associate professor of genetics and biochemistry who participates in informal teaching. Paul and other professors still hope that Clemson will extend the assignment until the end of the fall semester, but she said the current three-week policy will help “calm down.”

Clemson spokesperson Joe Galbraith said that the three-week period “coincides with the greatest risk predicted by our public health team for modeling the disease. Our model shows that masks are effective in containing the virus. The spread has a significant impact and has accordingly enhanced our ability to stay at home. The university continues to evaluate all public health data as it reduces the COVID-19 epidemic while maximizing the chances of continuing face-to-face lectures.” Galbre Si said that Clemson also has a strong testing strategy and has observed a positive rate of less than 1% in the past week.


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