Police discovered on June 7 the bodies of two women in an apartment in Sydney. According to Wednesday’s statement by New South Wales police, their identities have been established. They were 24-year-old Asra Abdullah Alsehli and her 23-year-old sister Amaal Abdullah Alsehli.

The police were unable to determine the cause of death of the young women. It was reported that the circumstances of the death were unusual because no injuries were found on their bodies.

It was also reported that the women had been dead for some time before being found.

The sisters came to Australia from Saudi Arabia in 2017.

Inspector Claudia Allcroft said any information from the public could be made key to solving the investigation.

“Investigators are interested in talking to anyone who might have seen or might have information about women’s activity in the days and weeks before their deaths,” she said.

According to the police the sisters’ deaths could have happened in early May.

The Saudi consulate in Sydney issued a statement on the matter in which he expressed condolences to the family of the deceased.