A brand new lounge has arrived in downtown Boston. It is located in a Cajun seafood restaurant.

Boston diners are report (pass through boston.com), the Colette Lounge is now open on the first floor of Boylston Street in Shaking Crab, Boston’s public area. Drinking spots offer small plates, such as shrimp ceviche and catfish bites, and New Orleans-influenced cocktail. According to Eater, the lounge is open from Thursday to Sunday evening.

Shaking Crab’s location in downtown Boston opened its first opening in the former Troquet space in early 2018 (Troquet moved to South Street in the Leather District). Other Shaking Crab locations can be found in Brookline, Cambridge, Newton and Quincy.

The address of Colette Lounge (and Shaking Crab) in downtown Boston is 140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 02116.The Instagram page of the lounge can be found at https://www.instagram.com/colettelounge/


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