Do you know when your friend makes an all-knowing statement saying that so-and-so will get rid of anxiety this weekend? Well, we will track such predictions to see who of our sports newsgroups can spot losers who are about to break out of popularity.

Our four respected participants will be responsible for picking three losers each week who will directly win. If the weak team completes the upset, then the correct selector will get the team’s score as the weak team. Your 6.5 points dog won the game (Hello, Illinois), you will get 6.5 points. Simple, dimpled.

In the first week of absolute load, which included 5 top 25 matchups, there were many opportunities to get bigger (Louisiana Monroe got 30.5 in Kentucky) or smaller (Houston vs. Texas Tech scored 1.5 Minute).

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Talk about upset:

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Bill Bender, lead writer for college football

Pennsylvania State University (+5.5) surpasses Wisconsin

The Nittany Lions have won six of the past seven games, including two trips to Madison. Knowing that both teams have Sean Clifford and Graham Mertz veteran quarterbacks, this line looks too high. Clifford can test the Badgers with a group of talented receivers including Jahan Dotson and Parker Washington. If they avoid a catastrophic start, the Nittany Lions can play this season At the beginning, he left Camprandall Stadium with a huge top ten victory.

Ohio (+1.5) overtakes Syracuse

Knowing that I am an OU graduate, this is a recognized home run pick, and this “news school bowl” should be close. The Orange team ended the 1-10 season, averaging 11.6 points per game in away games. Ohio coach Frank Solic retired during the offseason. New coach Tim Albin will try to control time through running back Demont Tugel. His average distance per goal is 7.6 yards. The Solich era took off after the loss of Pitt at home. Albin will get the same early blocks in the game against Syracuse.

Navy (+2.5) over Marshall

This is a difficult choice. Both teams ended in losing streak last season, and Marshall has a new coach, Charles Huff. Hurd has a talented quarterback in Grant Wells, but he only played two away games last season. Since 2017, Navy has not played against opponents in the American League. This selective attack needs to be better than last season, but a group of new faces led by quarterbacks Tai Lavatai and Xavier Arline will cause slight dissatisfaction.

Mike DeCourcy, senior writer

Louisiana beats Texas by +8.5 points

To be honest: I don’t know if Ragin’ Cajuns has any chance of winning. I chose this game just to show that the UT program has become a farce, and it is hardly favored by touchdowns in order to beat the team playing in the Sun Belt. Imagine how arrogant the government blamed the conference for this decline. Maybe we all mistakenly announced that the SEC had just acquired two football powers in its midsummer expansion.maybe They just added power in Oklahoma And, in Texas, there is a team that can be used as a victim, such as Citadel or Troy.

+3.5 points than Clemson, Georgia

This is a chance to win the Tigers. Trevor Lawrence is wearing the fancy uniform of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Everyone in Clemson is still adjusting to this new reality. UGA needs to be much better than Peach Bowl to win this neutral game. However, it needs to better realize any of its SEC ambitions. This seems to be the right team at the right time.

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Miss Louisville Biole +10.5 points

I may be the least experienced sports betting player in this group. The small move I accepted was mainly to bet on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. (Hey, I made it in 2005! Don’t ask me about 2008-a long and sad story). However, if the idea is to pick a loser and winner, and this book will provide me with a senior team that scores double digits in the neutral field, I can’t miss this.

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Bill Trocchi, Senior Editor

Louisiana beats Texas by +8.5 points

Undeniably, it feels like everyone loses 12-5 in the NCAA tournament, and then the No. 5 seed comes out and wipes the floor with the No. 12 seed. But listen to me. Louisiana led the coastal area of ​​Carolina by 10-1 last season and led by 3 points. Twenty starters are back, including QB Levi Lewis. Any early hiccups and Texas will feel a tight throat.

UCLA is 3.5 points higher than Louisiana State University

The Bears had an impressive opener. LSU was forced to train for a full week in Houston. Many new faces of LSU made their debut, including two coordinators. Come for the uniform, stay for the upset.

San Jose State University +13.5 over USC

Another frustrating choice, the loser had a dress rehearsal last week, while the most popular one did not. The 17-year-old quarterback Nick Starkle threw 394 yards and 4 touchdowns in the game against Southern Utah. He also had 19 other starters back from the 7-1 team. Be careful, Trojan horse. guard against.

Zac Al-Khateeb, content producer

Pennsylvania State University (+5.5) surpasses Wisconsin

The Badgers gained an automatic advantage in their home game at Camp Randall, especially when the crowds full of seats reacted to the “jump” for the first time since 2019. In the season affected by COVID-19 last year, neither team performed particularly well, but Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford had a better broadcast record than Wisconsin opponent Graham Mertz . In addition, he has a more mature organizer in the receiver position of Jahan Dotson.

Indiana (+3.5) surpasses Iowa

After leading Indiana to win consecutive seasons for the first time since the 1993-94 season, fifth-year coach Tom Allen has the full trust of the team; he will let the Indians be the most anticipated season opener of the plan in recent memory be prepared. Coupled with the return of quarterback Michael Penix Jr. from the ACL tear that ended the season a year ago – and the Indians avoiding Kinnick Stadium’s patented night voodoo – the Indians should be full of winning victories confidence.

Maryland (+2.5) surpasses West Virginia

Maryland has won five games under the leadership of third-year coach Mike Locksley, so he may feel a little hot in this season’s opener against West Virginia. On the contrary, mountaineering coach Neil Brown showed significant improvement in his second year, allowing the team to win a bowl championship with a 6-4 record. This game, like many other games, will boil down to a quarterback game. Can second-year quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa-Tua’s younger brother-take the next step? The introduction of Dan Enos from Cincinnati is an important first step in achieving high-score trading.


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