On Friday, a helicopter carrying President Duke was shot near the Venezuelan border.

The Colombian government offered a reward of nearly $800,000 for information that led to the arrest of those behind the scenes An attack A helicopter carrying President Ivan Duque near the Venezuelan border on Friday.

As the helicopter was approaching Cúcuta Airport when it took off from Sardinata, it fired several shots-obviously rifles-at it.

Duke was flying with Secretary of Defense Diego Morano, Secretary of the Interior Daniel Palacios and other officials.

No one on board was injured, but photos released by the President’s Office showed that the tail and main blades of the aircraft were hit.

“The reward is up to 3 billion Colombian pesos [$796,000] Morano said in a video posted on social media on Saturday that “information is being provided” to find “persons responsible for this terrorist attack”.

General Jorge Vargas, chief of the national police, said that a search team sent to the neighborhood of Cúcuta found an AK-47 and a 7.62 caliber “with the emblem of the Venezuelan Armed Forces” rifle.

Translation: “We provide rewards of up to 3 billion pesos [$796,000] Obtain information where the person responsible for the attack on President @IvanDuque can be found. We call on Colombians and #Public Force to unite and fight against terrorism,” Morano said.

Duque has repeatedly accused Venezuelan socialist leader Nicolas Maduro of providing shelter for Colombian dissidents and armed insurgents.

Soon after the conservative Duke came to power in 2018, Bogotá and Caracas severed diplomatic relations.

“Our country is strong”

Earlier Friday, Duke participated in an event in the Catatumbo region, one of the main coca-growing areas of the world’s major cocaine exporting countries.

The disbanded FARC rebel groups, an active fighting group called the National Liberation Army (ELN), and diehards of other armed groups have been fighting for drug revenue on the long and porous border with Venezuela.

“We are not afraid of acts of violence or terrorism,” Duke said after his helicopter was attacked. “Our country is very strong.”

Colombia has been experiencing some of the worst violence for many years, especially in rural areas including border areas.

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