Columbia College, a community college in Sonora, California, announced a series of financial incentives to help reduce student costs before the fall semester.

The college will use coronavirus relief funds to provide students with an additional $1 million in financial aid next year and provide more than $200,000 in new scholarships through the Columbia College Foundation.

“We have never received so much aid before,” Marnie Shively, the director of financial aid at the college, said at a press conference freed“These financial aid and scholarship programs will provide students with an important start, and we hope that as many students as possible can take advantage of this new support.”

Students in the Columbia University Commitment Program (a scholarship program for local high school students) will also receive a “welcome bonus” of $300 if they graduate from high school in 2020 or 2021.

The college will also provide 20 CCC finish line scholarships this year, each semester of 2,500 US dollars per semester, for full-time registration and at least half of the degree of continuing students. Students who need more support can also receive emergency grants.

Jeff Warren, chairman of the Columbia University Foundation, pointed out that this epidemic is difficult for students.

He said in a press release: “We are grateful for these additional resources to encourage them to stay on track.”


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