Sometimes Twitter is a tool for self-awareness. My colleague Larry Hartzell tweeted a question-do you know what movie you have watched at least five times? -And provided his answer to make the ball roll. I answered the first 11 I can think of:

Heather, Star wars, host, Naked gun, Naked gun 2½. aircraft, Plane two, Children in the hall: brain candy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Muppet Movie with Hot saddle.

outside Star wars, Are all comedies.outside host, They all came out before I had children. The former tells you something about my taste; the latter tells you something about my free time.

With my money, there is still a good book about black comedy waiting to be written. (From the list, Heather with Brain candy Both cut in. ) This is a type that is difficult to get right, but when someone points it out, it is a beautiful thing.

For me, comedy is the best, either dark or pure stupidity. (“Hey! I’m Enrico Palazzo!”) As a political student and an experienced academic administrator, I became serious enough during the day and didn’t need more at night. If I want to set aside time to watch something, and it’s not news, I hope it’s interesting. The only Batman for me is Adam West.

Comedy, quoting a famous hacker, is not respected. This should be. For actresses, attention to their appearance often obscures true comedic talent.Winona Reid’s performance Beetle juice with Heather Not only the best in her career, but they all smiled happily. She has a gift for satire and humor, which is rarely used in movies. Christina Rich and Wednesday Adams have similar energy. Jennifer Aniston’s comedy timing in her line reading may be just right, but this is not where she is most noticeable. I never believed that Meryl Streep admired part of the reason because she was not funny for all the other things she could do. When I heard that Nicole Kidman was chosen as Lucille Ball, I was disappointed. Nicole Kidman is not funny. Debra Messing or Emma Stone would be better choices.

Actors with comedy talent tend to have more leeway. Those of us who have reached a certain age will remember that Tom Hanks started out as a comedian. Part of George Clooney’s charm is that he always seems to be joking. Hell, Gary Grant built a dashing and interesting career. There is nothing shameful.First ten minutes His girl friday Some of the most interesting I have seen, it is based on quick wit. It can be done.

Even a very dumb comedy can sneak in at a glorious Dumb and dumb ——This could have been included in my list with the first one Ace Ventura —— Jeff Daniels’ role explains why his girlfriend dumped him: “She said we didn’t communicate, or whatever. I don’t know, I’m really not listening.” That’s perfect.Lines by Dean Warmer Animal house —— “Fat man, drunk, no way to go in life, son” —— set high standards for university administrators everywhere.

Of course, comedy has flourished on television throughout history. In the context of a series, you can spend less time setting up the scene and only need to get good things. The repeat settings from episode to episode do some work for you. officeFor example, you can jump directly to the creepy moment because the scene is already set. Over time, it can balance the grace and sweetness of modern comedy. It can tell the truth about office life that most of us know but we shouldn’t; comedy gives it permission. (Oh, I should add Office Space To the list of movies. To this day, I can’t see a red stapler that doesn’t smile. )

After an entire school year dedicated to the pandemic, I need it. Thank you, Professor Hazel.


Plan description: My family and I will take a vacation next week. The blog will resume on July 6.

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