With millions of students and various courses, from fast certificate courses to Complete bachelor’s degree pathway, The community college has a lot to do. However, all of this teaching and learning is not always as fully recognized or in-depth researched as the work carried out in a four-year institution.

In order to encourage more scholars to pay attention to open access universities, some advocates and experts have created Community College Practice-Research-Policy ExchangeThe purpose of this work is to solicit ideas from the faculty and administrators who operate the community college on a daily basis, communicate these insights to higher education researchers, and then feed their analysis back to educators.

Beginning with members of the National Community College Council, the exchange program asked “As a campus leader, what research do you think is most helpful to you?” Lawrence Nespoli explained that he was the co-founder of this work. He is also the retired chairman of the New Jersey County College Board. “We will summarize and provide it to people who study it at community colleges across the country.”

This may include research on programs that meet the following conditions The needs of students’ parents; Benefits and challenges of using Open educational resources; Or result Use virtual reality to prepare students for work.

This project is created by Several honorary professors and leaders of the community collegeIt is managed by the University of Maryland Community College Policy and Management Global Campus Program and the North Carolina State University Berk Community College Leadership and Research Center. Partners include several champions from community colleges, including Aspen Institute, Community College Research Center and Realize Dreams.

Karen Stout, president of Achieving the Dream, stated that the goal of rooting research in the experience of professors and campus leaders makes this project unique.

“If we don’t find the voice of the practitioners and give them vitality and promotion, we have done a lot of excellent work within the university, and these work are often undiscovered,” said Stout, who also worked with the Belk Center and the University of Maryland Global campuses are connected.

In order to “cheer and feed” doctoral students who need good thesis topics, Stout believes that community colleges can stimulate “endless research categories.”The exchange currently solicit opinions In about a dozen broad fields, including transfer practice, development education, and partnerships with K-12 schools.

Nespoli said that the project was already in progress long before the Biden administration focused on community colleges.But the timing finally worked, especially considering the President’s recent call Invest billions of dollars In an evidence-based strategy, the completion rate and retention rate of community colleges can be improved.

“For many reasons, we are beginning to see the momentum and interest in community colleges,” Stott said. “We need to find ways to self-research and raise the voice of practitioners in transition-learn with them and help them come up with new ideas.”

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