Not all fantasy football cheat sheets, sleeper lists, and ratings are created equal. With so many experts and so many websites, it can be overwhelming to find the best source of overall player rankings from one year (and draft) to the next.

Constantly updating Consensus ranking of Fantasy Pros It’s a useful combination, but you might be on Yahoo! or ESPN. Although Yahoo! The default is a little bit of PPR, ESPN standards, there are some interesting differences between the main rankings of the two sites, so if you play at the same time, you must be able to find different sleepers and need to use different drafting strategies. Even if you are just playing one, it is important to understand that the ranking of the mini-program you are using may be very different from the mini-program you (or your teammates) learned before the draft. Some of your goals may execute faster on one site compared to another site.

Lead your draft: Ultimate 2022 cheat sheet

There is a guarantee-neither Yahoo! nor ESPN Will be 100% accurate in different positions, just like Sporting News, CBS Sports, Pro Football Focus, etc. Here are the most polarized players that caused the biggest deviation in 2022, so you can plan your draft accordingly.

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2022 Yahoo! Fantasy Football Ranking (half PPR) and ESPN Fantasy Football Ranking (non-PPR)

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Trevis Kelce, TE (Yahoo ranking: 14-2 ESPN ranking: 4)

ESPN uses purely standard numbers here, based on Kells’ 1,416 receiving yards and 11 TDs last season. This is still an important ranking among the elite RB1. Kelce’s opportunity cost is much smaller, and his early performance as a running back or receiver is much smaller. It’s good to be aggressive towards Kelsey, but it’s best to start late in the first round.

Nick Chubb, RB, Browns (Yahoo ranking: 6-ESPN ranking: 11)

Although the key catch was lost to Karim Hunt, it is interesting that the half-point PPR improved Chubb so much. ESPN is concerned about this timeshare. The latter ranking is more meaningful to Chubb.

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Miles Sanders, Eagles (Yahoo ranking: 44-ESPN ranking: 22)

ESPN is interested in Sanders’ lead in Philadelphia’s backcourt, and Yahoo! doesn’t think he is worth more than a fourth-round pick. Given the uncertainty of Sanders’s role, the fifth round is actually more suitable for Sanders.

Josh Jacobs, Raiders (Yahoo ranking: 43-ESPN ranking: 29)

ESPN is not worried about Drake in Kenya, and Yahoo! Considering that Drake’s existence is more based on format, Jacobs should be in the middle of the range.

Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings (Yahoo ranking: 50-ESPN ranking: 35)

Thielen is an unimaginable person after relying on TD for his work. Age and wear indicate that Yahoo’s more conservative approach makes sense.

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Chase Edmonds, RB, Cardinals (Yahoo ranking: 68-ESPN ranking: 43)

ESPN does not use receptions for our purposes, so it is a bit strange to see Edmonds higher on its website. Edmonds belonged to somewhere in the 1950s, so please distinguish the differences.

Kenny Golladay, WR, Giants (Yahoo ranking: 81-ESPN ranking: 45)

This reflects the prosperous or sluggish nature of the Giants’ passing game related to Daniel Jones, as well as concerns about Golardy’s injury in training camp due to a hip injury. Lean towards Yahoo! Layup, but not so low.

Courtland Sutton, WR, Broncos (Yahoo ranking: 82-ESPN ranking: 47)

This is another polarizing outside line, as the quarterback is in suspicious condition and is seriously injured. Sutton is too talented when he is healthy, so he won’t be close to ESPN.

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Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Browns (Yahoo ranking: 66-ESPN ranking: 50)

Yahoo! Think that Beckham will make some important performances, but will not reach a satisfactory total number of receptions. It is more reasonable for ESPN to rank him earlier in the fifth round.

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs (Yahoo ranking: 29-ESPN ranking: 55)

ESPN tends to rank quarterbacks in positions that experts like (that is, being late). However, reality suggests that someone will surpass Mahomes’ value in the third round, if not earlier.

Will Fuller, WR, Dolphins (Yahoo ranking: 101-ESPN ranking: 58)

Fuller, Dewant Parker or Jalen Wardell? Good luck while trying to figure out Miami. Fuller’s week 1 suspension and unstable durability say Yahoo! right here.

DJ Chark, WR, Jaguars (Yahoo ranking: 102-ESPN ranking: 65)

Chuck should soon recover and become Trevor Lawrence’s true number one. ESPN is on the right track with him as a seventh-round pick.

Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens (Yahoo ranking: 48-ESPN ranking: 68)

ESPN disappointed Jackson even more under the leadership of Russell Wilson and Dark Prescott, but Yahoo! Jackson clearly ranks fourth behind Mahomes, Josh Allen and Kyler Murray. This should provide a reason not to overdraw Jackson on any website.

Michael Thomas, WR, Saints (Yahoo ranking: 137-ESPN ranking: 72)

Yahoo! Don’t want to touch Thomas (ankle) before the 12th round. ESPN still considers him an old and healthy Michael Thomas.

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Kyle Pitts, TE, Falcons (Yahoo ranking: 49-ESPN ranking: 74)

The question for Pitts is whether he should follow the Big Three (Kelsey, Darren Waller, George Kittle) or between TJ Hockenson and/or Mark Andrews. ESPN is right, it is a bit conservative.

Marquise Brown, WR, Ravens (Yahoo ranking: 124-ESPN ranking: 75)

The Ravens are now a low-volume passing game with more diverse receiver depths. Yahoo! Right there; ESPN is not.

Henry Lagos III (Yahoo ranking: 162-ESPN ranking: 89)

ESPN also believes that the Raiders will take advantage of Lagos’s ability to play with Derek Carr behind Waller. Yahoo! Have this right now.

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Jalen Reago, WR, Eagles (Yahoo ranking: 169-ESPN ranking: 98)

Reagor should be in the middle of this range. He flashed a lot, but at best, he was still the team’s third goal.

TY Hilton, WR, Colts (Yahoo ranking: 165-ESPN ranking: 116)

Is Hilton finished? With the reorganization of the Colts QB room to Carson Wentz again, Hilton may have a more decent season with him. Nevertheless, he feels like another prosperous or depressed person who should be won more in double-digit rounds.

Tyler Higbee, TE, Rams (Yahoo ranking: 77-ESPN ranking: 120)

Higbee slept soundly, without Gerald Everett, and no questions about the Rams’ third wide receiver. This will arrange more sneaky good works, this time with higher consistency.

Rob Gronkowski (Yahoo ranking: 166-ESPN ranking: 121)

Gronk was trapped in a crowded wide receiver and tight end group in Tampa. He is more suitable to approach the 14th round than the 10th round;

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Trey Sermon, RB, 49ers (Yahoo! Rank: 61-ESPN Rank: 124)

Yahoo! The sermon is being preached to the choir, which means you need to be more active to win a possible league championship in an elite running competition. It would be better to steal the sermon on ESPN.

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Baker Mayfield, QB, Browns (Yahoo ranking: 126-ESPN ranking: 166)

Mayfield’s ranking is around QB17, and now he is healthy, and his receiver is also healthy, which is meaningless. Things should open the running game in the next pass offense. Yahoo! It is in his ascending period.

Kirk Cousins, QB, Vikings (Yahoo ranking: 108-ESPN ranking: 167)

Cousins ​​was the back end of QB1 last season and has an excellent trio among Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen and Elf Smith Jr. Give Yahoo more points!

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Washington (Yahoo ranking: 123-ESPN ranking: 212)

This continues to reflect that ESPN has not invested much value in QB. Fitzpatrick has excellent weapons and is likely to play his best statistical season ever. Woohoo, Yahoo!

Trey Lance, QB, 49ers (Yahoo ranking: 131-ESPN ranking: 220)

Lance’s advantage is that he belongs to the top 200, even if he should be behind Jimmy Gallopolo this season.

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Gerald Everett, TE, Seahawks; (Yahoo ranking: 127-ESPN ranking: 257)

Yahoo! Considering that Will Dissly is still in Seattle and the team still shouldn’t invest too much in a tight game, he is too aggressive towards the former Ram. In other words, ESPN is a bit too low for a promising TE2 flyer.

Jaylen Waddle, WR, Dolphins (Yahoo ranking: 136-ESPN ranking: 94)

When in doubt about a team’s first wide receiver, choose the one that can bring you the most value and return on investment. The rookie first-round advantage is more attractive than Fuller and Dewant Parker. ESPN won this game.

Justin Fields, Bears (Yahoo ranking: 142-ESPN ranking: 219)

Lance vs. Fields is an interesting draft question, especially if both are coming off the bench. Either way, their potential “League Champion” profile shows that Yahoo is correct in both respects.

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