Drop everything and run to buy at least one of these new graphic novels. You will love them and your kids will love them too!

Every now and then, I read a book that feels perfect to me – the writing, the plot, the characters, the rhythm, everything that makes up a book works harmoniously with absolute precision. cress watercress It was like that a few months ago. Really perfect and will be the one I will always recommend.

And now, with a completely different vibe, but equally striking The first cat in space eats pizza Via McBarnett. Aside from peeking into Barnett’s goofy and creative brain, it’s also a goofy feast for adventurous geniuses. I absolutely love everything about it.

However, that’s not all the goodness I want to share with you today. There are many more amazing new graphic novels that I can’t put down to tell you.

Let’s dive into the latest mid-range graphic novels that I love and think you will too.

Compelling New Graphic Novel (May 2022)

first cat in space
By Mac Barnett, drawn by Sean Harris
science fiction
Ridiculously hysterical, this is a bizarre and perfect space adventure! When a mouse eats a second of the moon, world leaders send in their secret weapons – a cat and a stolen toenail clipper robot. The two adventurers meet the Queen of Moon City, who leads them through mining pits under the moon’s surface, where they go on more silly adventures like meeting whales, camping, and eating pizza, discovering names like “Sea of ​​Tranquility” ) very misleading, being a pirate, answering sphinx mysteries, I could go on…but basically it’s all weird and funny and wonderful. The spaceship’s computer then joins the Rat King with a vengeance, and when the heroes reach Rat King, they are captured. But don’t worry – they’ll get away somehow. right?

your friend fred
by Michael Rex
science fiction
Fred, a former children’s toy robot, brings kindness (and stickers!) to a dystopian world full of war – and in the midst of war, injustice, and chaos, you’ll fall in love with his truly kind nature and hopeful manner. When Fred finds out that two warlords are taking innocent people to fight for them, Fred knows what he has to do – let the two bad guys try to make peace. He angered and surprised everyone he met with his joyous and positive attitude, even when he was caught and “tortured” by the drumming, which, of course, he loved. His character exudes charisma, and you can’t help but fall in love with him — and the other curious characters he meets. Will Fred succeed in his seemingly impossible task? Fun, hearty, and entertaining, this is the most unique adventure in a dystopian world I’ve ever read.

Dan Santater
This is a heartfelt story about family, heritage and protecting animals, imaginative and captivating. Since Sofia’s father died in a shipwreck, she has lived with her workaholic, scientist uncle who runs the famous Aqualand theme park. When a clumsy “aquarium” stumbles into the park, Sophia discovers it’s the body of a deep-sea diver controlled by sea creatures on its head. The creatures hand Sophia her father’s diary, and together they unravel the evil conspiracy of a greedy investor. To save the park’s marine life, Sophia and Aquanaut release them back into the wild. But will her uncle see the truth about his investors and his brother’s last wishes?

Prisoner of the Shaking Stone
by Lynette Moore
In a mysterious “everything is not as it seems” tale, shipwrecked Helga dives into a remote island where mad scientists are separated from the mainlanders. Her goal is to free her grandfather from a giant crystal. With the help of a specialized robot, she searches the island for the components to make the crystal crusher. The writing is great, and I love world building and wonder what’s next. It’s fast-paced science and adventurous fun!

Legend of the Blade
By Ethan M. Alddridge
Elf prince Alto escapes to become a bard, while his mother is negotiating a peace treaty with trolls. He befriends a troll and they form a music group. Before he embarks on a grand adventure, he witnesses another group of bards use magic to control their listeners, driving them to violence, and overhears their sinister plot against their elves and troll leaders. Alto, Ebbe and another new friend named Clarabel know they must warn Alto’s family and stop the bad magic before it’s too late. If you like magical fantasy worlds, you’ll love this story about pursuing your passion, making friends who become family, and the magic of music.
Annie’s latest story from Green Gables – Modern Annie is an 8th grade foster child who moves in with a sibling. Annie talks nonstop (a bit too much for her new adoptive mother) and occasionally loses her temper. But she’s a smart girl who learns from her mistakes. She loves having a room of her own, a best friend, and soon, a family forever. She even befriends her nemesis Gilbert when they work together on the robotics team.
New Graphic Novel May 2022

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