On this page we discuss Contentos. Content is what we all use the internet for. Cat videos, useful background information about politics, opening times of a store and you name it. Over the years, this has ensured that there are some big players that are pulling all the eyeballs. Think of YouTube and Facebook for example.

Millions of people post their videos, comments or information here and access is controlled by the big companies. Inherent in this is that these companies profit from the posted content by showing advertisements. They often earn much more from this than the person who creates the content.

According to Contentos, this should be done better and it is therefore working on an online community where everyone has an equal share in the revenue of the content. We therefore go through the project in this article. We will discuss the Contentos expectation, the use case and potential for the future. What will the Contentos crypto do?

What is Contentos?

Contentos is a blockchain protocol that aims to lay the foundation for a decentralized ecosystem for online content. Here everyone should get an equal pay to participate in the platform, not just the owner himself. Whether you’re a content creator, a viewing user, or an advertiser, the team believes that on Contentos you should get a fair reward for your participation.

An interesting thought from the team can be read in the white paper. They mention here that a lot of content on YouTube, for example, is influenced by the money of the advertisers. Are you making a video that doesn’t comply with the rules of the platform or the conditions of an advertiser? Then you can no longer earn money from your video.

As a result, content creators no longer really create videos with their own creativity, but do so according to the guidelines of the big money. The people behind Contentos ask the right question whether there is any question of creative freedom.

Contentos wants to become the Ethereum for online content. This means that dApps can be created on the Contentos network. Think of video applications, blog applications or whatever. An example of this is COS.tv. A video application like YouTube where you can receive a reward for creating content, commenting on this content and even watching the videos.

A score is given to users on Contentos by means of a credit system. By being active, for example by making or watching videos, your score will increase and with it your reward. At the same time, people who have evil intentions are stopped by this.

What does the Contentos course do?

The first entry on the Contentos roadmap dates from May 2018. However, the COS token was only established later through a token sale. It was held on February 28, 2019 and raised a total of $53 million. One COS coin was then sold for $0.018. The current Contentos value is $ 0.006178.

30% of all tokens have been sold through this token sale. 10% of the COS tokens have been placed in a foundation as a reserve. Furthermore, the team owns 15% of all coins and 40% is reserved for distribution through the ecosystem. The remaining 5% is for collaborations.

If we look at the Contentos price on coinmarketcap, we see that it has been here since June 2019. There was a decent peak at the beginning, but this slumped again in the course of 2020. The effect of the 2021 bull market is also clearly reflected in the price.

In the past 24 hours, the exchange rate difference 2.49%. It is wise to keep a close eye on the COS price if you are interested. Here you can discover trends that you can benefit from. That is why you will find the Contentos price chart below.

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What is the Contentos forecast for 2022 – 2027?

It is impossible to outline a precise Contentos course forecast. However, there will be many people who will beat you with the most beautiful predictions. It is wise to always take these with a grain of salt.

Many factors can influence the Contentos course, especially if we take it over several years. It is much wiser to form your own opinion than to blindly rely on someone else’s. For this you can look at the use case and the products that are already being made on the platform.

The use case is clear. Providing a platform where everyone can enjoy the benefits of online content equally. Users should regain their creative freedom here without being influenced by advertisers’ big money.

This is interesting because it is indeed a problem with current platforms like Youtube. Everything we see goes by advertisers’ standards. No one makes elaborate videos every day for fun, there has to be some money in return. So it makes sense that people make videos according to the standard of money, but the real creativity is a bit off.

With products like COS.tv and other applications, people can regain this freedom and be less dependent on advertisers, which is interesting. At first sight, this makes the Contentos crypto expectation positive.

It is important to note that many factors can influence the price. Among other things, the amount of users and especially content creators that Contentos manages to get to the platform is decisive. Do they manage to get a lot of share from platforms like YouTube? Then the Contentos expectation is high.

Historical Price for Contentos

Date Open Close High Low Volume

What is the use of the Contentos coin?

As I mentioned earlier, a Contentos forecast for 2022 is difficult to do. We already concluded that the use case, the amount of users and content creators and the new application on the platform can be decisive for this.

In addition to this data, we can also look at the coin data. For example, the scarcity of the COS token is a good start for this. We can see this by comparing the current supply (3,425,816,938 COS) with the maximum supply (9,975,686,572 COS). As a rule of thumb, you can say that tokens become scarcer (and more expensive) the more coins are spent.

By keeping an eye on the data, you can spot noticeable changes early and respond to them. The market cap is also interesting for this ($ 21,154,649), the trading volume in the last 24 hours ($ 1,552,806) and the exchange rate difference over the past seven days (-2.61%) can show you if something is happening with the Contentos coin.

Huidige supply 3,425,816,938 COS Maximale supply 9,975,686,572 COS
% difference 24h 2.49% % difference 7D -2.61%

Where to buy Contentos?

The information on this page is intended to give you a better picture of Contentos. Do not let yourself be influenced by the exaggerated predictions that many people make. However, have you decided that Contentos is an interesting project based on things like the information on this page and your own research? Then you can buy Contentos on the most famous exchange in the Netherlands, Bitvavo.

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The latest Contentos news

Hopefully you learned something new about Contentos on this page. The use case and the COS coin are all very important in your research into the Contentos expectation. The last major factor in this story is the Contentos news. By following this you stay informed of the latest developments and you quickly see how active the team is.