The start of the BetPlay 2022-2 league for Independiente Santa Fe has not been the best. Although they have only lost one game in the first four days, the fans are quite dissatisfied with the game they have shown during this time.

After the defeat against Junior de Barranquilla, social networks were filled with criticism of the directives of the ‘capital’ team. For this reason, the ‘cardinal’ fans are carrying out a campaign to display a series of banners demanding the departure of the president, Eduardo Méndez.

Faced with this situation, Méndez spoke to the press and clarified his chances of leaving the club. In the same way, he made reference to the campaign that will be carried out against him in the game against América de Cali for the fifth day of the Colombian league.

“Later on we are going to achieve balance among the fans, to the extent that the team improves its game and its position. Asking people to join us today is going to be difficult, there are even campaigns for me to leave, they have asked me to resign”.

He also expressed that the economic and administrative management of Independiente Santa Fe has grown. Therefore, he hopes that over time the team will consolidate in the standings and I will achieve the importance that it had a few years ago in Colombia.

Unfortunately for many of them the partners trust my work and respect my work. We will continue working so that the team gets ahead, we have been improving in the administrative and economic aspects and we believe that we are going to achieve a task very similar to that which was carried out many years ago, in which the team was also received in a difficult situation, he got ahead and then he got the product of the titles in the head of some predecessors”.

After the four disputed dates, the lion is in box 12 with 5 units, after the draw against Equidad against Águilas Doradas, the local victory against Cortuluá and remembering the recent defeat against the ‘shark’.

At the moment, those led by Alfredo Arias are preparing for the game against América de Cali. The match is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 2, starting at 8:05 pm (Colombian time) at the Campín stadium in Bogotá.