As Covid-19 spreads in Australia’s most populous city, residents of some of Sydney’s wealthiest suburbs, including near Bondi Beach, will be locked down for at least a week.

The state health department revealed on Friday that after 11 infections occurred in the 24 hours from the previous 24 hours to 8pm, New South Wales received notification of 11 local infections overnight.

The New South Wales Department of Health stated that the 65 cases were related to a cluster in Bondi. Authorities have previously stated that the latest outbreak is the state’s first infection in more than a month and is related to a driver transporting overseas crew members who had been to several places in Sydney, including a shopping mall in Bondi.

This prompted the state to reintroduce the requirement to wear masks indoors, but given that Australia is one of the least vaccinated countries in the world, this also poses broader policy issues for leaders.

New South Wales Governor Gladys Berejiklian (Gladys Berejiklian) said on Friday that people who live in downtown Sydney and parts of the affluent eastern suburbs or usually work in downtown Sydney and some affluent eastern suburbs will be Requires home isolation until midnight on July 2.

These include the Waverley Council, which includes Bondi, as well as Woollahra, Randwick and the Sydney City Council.

The affected residents can only leave their homes for basic activities or services. Several other areas of the city have been blocked, and residents have been banned from traveling outside Sydney for non-essential reasons.

New South Wales has a population of close to 8.2 million (of which more than 5.3 million live in Sydney), 5,507 coronavirus cases and 56 related deaths have been confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic. New Zealand this week suspended its travel bubble with the state, and the state exempted travelers from undergoing mandatory hotel quarantine.

Although Australia was one of the countries that did a good job in controlling the coronavirus outbreak last year, the rate of vaccination has been slow.

According to statistics, only 4.4% of the population is fully vaccinated FT tracker, And at this time, more spreadable Covid-19 variants are spreading around the world.

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