S. Lancaster Community College in Dabney, Virginia will be renamed after a unanimous vote by the board of directors on Monday. The decision was facilitated by a new study of the same name by the relevant college, WSLS 10 Report.

Dabney Lancaster, a state director of education and former president of Longwood University, opposed the integration of schools in Virginia.

The Virginia Community College Committee called on campus leaders to change the name of the college last summer, but the local committee decided against it.State assembly Ask the school leaders Reconsider changing the name again last month.

Researchers recently discovered that Lancaster was an active member, once a state official, and historians described it as an “elitist KKK” organization. This new discovery prompted university leaders to change their decision.

University President John Reynone told WSLS 10: “The additional information found, if you look at the main body of the work, I certainly think this decision is correct, because we are moving forward at this time.”

The school leader said in a speech Press release They hope to choose a new name by October and submit it to the state committee for approval in November.

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