Dacia immersed in a major makeoverWhen Renault brought it to Western Europe, the low-cost part had not been developed, and the crisis was a breeding ground for its huge success.However, that Electrification of the automotive industry Such a suitable company is not allowed (at least for now) to exist. Why: The necessary technology is very expensive, so these vehicles won’t and won’t be terribly cheap.

everything, Romanian house is updating its image and scope So as not to appear “so kind”. And with the latest prototype shown on the community, it’s on the spot, though we don’t quite know if it’ll ever reach the production line.its about Dacia Declaration Conceptan off-road vehicle with some distance, inspired by the legendary Jeep Wrangler and the most extreme ATVs, but does such a model make sense…?

Dacia MANIFESTO concept car is an electric car without doors and windows, 3 meters long…

The first thing to clarify is that Dacia MANIFESTO Concept is a 3 meter long off-road vehicle. But that’s not the only fact we have to take into account when describing his method. It has no windows and no windshield. return, Equipped with airless tires, suggesting that he is ready for an endless adventure. Yes, because for example, the LED headlamps are removable and can be used as flashlights…

Nor can we ignore this There is a winch at the front that can be used for towing Just in case we get stuck. Also, there are two holes next to it to store some items. In addition, there is a roof rack for luggage, which is designed to be modular.Finally, there is a module in the back Removable battery to power anything Via the Schuko socket.

Dacia 10 million units

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Dacia’s success is beyond doubt, plus 10 million units!

inside passenger compartment We found that, as happens in the body, Almost all materials are recycled. It has a minimalist design and its waterproof seat is made of upholstery that can mutate and turn into a sleeping bag.As for the steering wheel and dashboard, they are made of cork, and to give a technical note, it has a Cockpit figures Additionally, you can connect your smartphone as an infotainment system.

Finally, we must talk Dacia Manifesto Concept Powertrain. At the moment, no information has been given on the Romanian house, although considering its content and size we cannot rule out that it has a Electric system. However, we have previously stated that it has virtually zero production, and the brand knows that but has left the door open for it.Although comparing Implement your solution

Will you buy……?

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