Dacia Spring is the first electric car developed for ordinary peopleOf course, their sales pitch pales in comparison to solid rivals like the Reynolds Zoe. The reason why it can be the cheapest electric on the market is simple: Designed and manufactured in China. More importantly, he started his career in China. Renault K-ZE. And then the Dongfeng EX1 Nano Box, everything got better…

While not suitable for Europe, the Chinese version is inexplicably more appealing than the Romanian version. is because it is possible, Dacia’s management team is well aware of its Sprints’ shortcomingsThe first and most obvious has to do with its powertrain, with a very fair range of power and battery.But there’s more, though to end everything they planned The new “generation” that should arrive in 2024. While this move has its knack…

Dacia Spring 2024 will maintain its technical level, but will improve interior and finish quality…

As you know, Groupe Renault has been a pioneer in developing electric vehicles. This merit and all the congratulations that accompany her are undeniable. But there are some negative aspects to scrutinize, and one of the most critical of them is related to the life cycle of its models. evidence: Zoe is the second generation, in fact, it is the first generation Although profound changes have taken place.

Yes They will use the same technology on Dacia Spring. Since it was a low-priced, limited-price car, development and manufacturing costs had to be adjusted as much as possible.Well, thanks to the folks at L’argus, we know Dacia will launch the second part of Spring by 2024. It will do so amid a rush of novelties proposed by its line siblings, especially the Dongfeng version.

Dacia Spring 2020

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The first and most obvious change for spring 2024 has to do with its aesthetic lines. It will be tuned to the brand’s latest developments, with more ripped optics, a chrome-trimmed grille and a new “C” face form logo. But the most obvious novelty is the passenger compartment, as it is supposed to release a configurable digital instrument panel, a The central touchscreen is more generousThere is a floating console.

Regarding technology, L’argus points out The powertrain will increase its power and range. Although it is not difficult to pray By 2023, it will offer 60 hp instead of the current 44 hp. This way you can choose two versions with nearly identical batteries, as the redesign will increase the battery by about 2 kWh. All offer a range of 200 kilometers and an initial price of less than 20,000 euros.

To check the evolution of Dacia Spring, we will have to wait a bit, or not…?

Fuente – L´argus