Dark Prescott plans to perform a “preventive” MRI on his throwing shoulders to check for the stress that bothered him during training camp. The Cowboys don’t want fans to worry about Prescott’s state in the regular season.

The team said in a tweet on Thursday morning that confirming that the MRI examination was “not a cause for concern” and did not represent a setback for the quarterback’s recovery.

So far, the Cowboys have hardly expressed concern about Prescott’s injury.He missed the team’s preseason opener, but he said he and the team “cautious” Before the regular season.

“We accept it day after day,” Prescott told Fox Sports during the halftime of the Hall of Fame game. “Obviously, there are still five weeks before the season opener, so I have a lot of time and I will use this time to prepare for that game.”

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This approach seems wise, especially considering Prescott’s injury is unusual. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported before the Hall of Fame game that Prescott’s problems are more common with baseball players, so the Cowboys turned to MLB’s Rangers for help.

“It’s more like a baseball injury. In fact, it’s a bit under the armpit,” Glazer said of the injury. “The Dallas Cowboys trainers actually contacted the Texas Rangers trainers, just to help them more. But they fully hope he will perform well in the first week.”

Prescott resumed throwing earlier this week, but he was “on the number of shots” and “not even throwing at full force”, and he is trying to get back to the game. Reported by Nick Itman on the Cowboys Official Website.

Nevertheless, Prescott seemed confident in his recovery.

“It’s about making progress at the right time,” he said. “Everything outside feels good. Every throw I do. When they tell you to stop, you don’t want to hear it, but you (stop).”

Prescott seems to believe that he will be fine before the Cowboys’ 2022 season opener against the Buccaneers on September 9.

“Once September 9th comes, I will move on and I won’t think about this again,” he said.

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