We all see it time and time again-the car dashboard is decorated with figurines, plush toys and various other kinds of souvenirs. Although it looks like an innocent, random exhibition, these objects can turn into projectiles in the event of an accident, causing serious injuries that can be fatal.

To ensure the continued safety of drivers, non-governmental organizations Road Safety Committee (MKJR) reminded the public not to place accessories on the dashboard of the car on Facebook.

“This is because these items are very fragile and are usually made of a combination of glass and plastic. They have sharp edges and will not permanently stick to the dashboard. In addition, accessories may hinder the deployment process of the airbag, making it impossible to perform as expected. Run,” the post read.

To make matters worse, these accessories are very likely to become projectiles. This occurs in a high-speed collision, or when the object happens to be in the trajectory of the deployed airbag. As you know, the frontal airbag inflates at an explosion speed between 160 and 350 km/h, and it is fully inflated in less than half a second.

Therefore, before you start decorating the dashboard with some of your favorite toys, remember that the dashboard is not a display stand. Make sure there is nothing on it, because the last thing you want to do is to make that object the cause of your disability, or worse, cause death.

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