Based in Beijing Da Vinci Motor Launched two new products motorcycle, DC100 and DC Classic.Both are powered by the same 17.7 kWh Battery Suspended on the aluminum hard shell frame. It shunts the current to the rear hub motor at the end of the one-sided rocker arm, producing 137 horsepower and 637 pound-feet of torque, making the motorcycle more powerful than a liter bike. On the tarmac, Da Vinci said that the DC 100 can reach 62 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds; the Yamaha YZF-R1 takes 3.3 seconds.

The Davinci powertrain is praised in the range estimates between various press releases, and the most relevant number is 250 miles in the WLTP cycle-more generous than the standard we use here. Compare it with the Zero SR equipped with Power Tank and its 18 kWh battery, which can drive 223 miles in the city or 112 miles on the highway.

Plug Da Vinci into a level 3 charger at the end of its range, and the battery will be fully charged in 30 minutes, and 85% charging will take only 15 minutes.

This bike uses the Davinci app on the owner’s smartphone as the key and dashboard.Riding aids include traction control, ABS, single rod combination Braking System, Relaxation and sports riding modes, a six-axis inertial measurement unit, which can activate hill assist and downhill brake Assist, reverse gear and low-speed crawl function. When put into Drive, the bicycle rolls at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour.

With the addition of electric power steering and wireless update capabilities, what DC ultimately wants is the high-tech production version of the concept motorcycle we have seen. HondaThese six-axis IMU schemes enable the bicycle to balance itself, and the code of the Davinci scheme will enable the bicycle to follow its owner. Both functions can be seen above Honda Cycling Assist-e Concept Starting in 2017. By opening up the bicycle API to developers, Davinci hopes that programmers who love bicycles will “develop and share new features.”

In addition to the power system and digital functions, DC100 and DC Classic are different in almost other ways. Limited to 50 units, the DC Classic will be a bare metal version, built on a composite chassis, avoiding the angled sheet metal covering the battery and electronic equipment on the DC 100, obtaining better specifications and manual assembly.Classic cockpit overlooking a pair The Öhlins fork is wrapped in a Dyneema carbon fiber sleeve with Brembo GP4 calipers and Brembo RCS master cylinder. At the other end, a French calf leather seat hovering over the Öhlins STX 46 monoshock and many custom CNC parts.

Reservations are now open, but it seems that any potential recipients must be in ChinaThe DC Classic is priced at US$90,000 and promises to start shipping in April 2022. The DC 100 is priced at US$27,500 and will be shipped in July next year.

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