According to reports, the deadly gun battle was the result of US President Joe Biden’s promise to step up his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The German military said that an Afghan security guard was killed in an exchange of fire between an unidentified gunman and the Afghan army at the north gate of Kabul Airport. Thousands of people poured into the airport to try to escape Taliban rule.

The German military said on Twitter that three more people were injured in the gun battle on Monday morning. German and American troops also participated in the gun battle.

Since the Taliban occupied the Afghan capital on August 15, the airport has been in chaos due to US and international forces trying to evacuate citizens and vulnerable Afghans. A NATO official said that at least 20 people have died inside and outside the airport in the past week.

US President Joe Biden stated that the “difficult and painful” airlift from the Afghan capital by Americans and tens of thousands of others is accelerating, but he does not rule out extending it to August 31, which he set before the Taliban quickly took over. After the deadline.

Here are all the latest updates:

Afghan, U.S. and German forces exchange fire at Kabul Airport

The German military said on Twitter that Afghan security forces exchanged fire at the north gate of Kabul Airport with unidentified attackers.

The Afghan military stated that a member of the Afghan security forces was killed in the fighting and three others were injured, including the US and German troops.

It said that none of the German soldiers were injured.

The Taliban took over Kabul on August 15 without any fighting [Stringer/EPA]

Foreign powers are not seeking to postpone their exit: Taliban officials

A Taliban official told Reuters that foreign troops in Afghanistan did not seek to extend their August 31 deadline to leave the country.

Japan will send military aircraft to repatriate citizens from Afghanistan

A senior Japanese government spokesman said that Japan will send a military plane to Afghanistan to pick up its citizens later on Monday.

At a press conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu said that more military transport planes are expected to be sent to Afghanistan, not only to repatriate their own citizens, but also to repatriate Afghans working in the Japanese embassy or Japanese mission.

Taliban militants patrol Kandahar [Stringer/EPA]

U.S. seeks to strengthen Afghan air operations

On Monday, as the United States ordered its commercial airlines to help, a chaotic race to help thousands of people escape from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan was promoted, although President Joe Biden said the evacuation may exceed the deadline next week.

In his speech at the White House, Biden admitted to the scorching scene of the airport, which included babies and children being passed to soldiers through barbed wire, and men clinging to the outside of the departing plane. But he said they are part of the departure cost.

“Without the pain, loss and heartbreaking pictures you have seen, there is no way to evacuate so many people,” he said.

In order to strengthen air transport, the US government ordered six leading commercial airlines to fly back to the US those who had evacuated from Kabul to bases in the US Gulf and Europe.


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