When the word Upcoming Ram G/T model Clicking on our inbox on Tuesday, my first reaction was confusion. The concept of any “Grand Touring” package with a pickup bed makes me feel completely strange and contradictory.Have Pickup trucks Is it really so far that the GT-inspired model makes sense, or am I just married to an outdated concept that has been absorbed by the endlessly running car marketing machine and then bleeds to death?

One can reasonably argue that “GT” has come a long way from an era when it was closely related to its eponymous term (whether you say “Gran Turismo” or “Grand Touring” really makes no difference), and there are still many not so- Sport cars have borrowed the term to mean faster-looking interiors Body kit Or larger wheels.

If this is the model we choose to recognize, then Ram can be said to be ahead of the game.Its G/T kit adds cat-back exhaust and cold air intake (more performance than some other “GT” models), shift paddles, shift lever mounted on the console, and unique bucket -Style seats, high sleepers and metal covers brake pedal.If this is a bag Dodge Charger or Challenger, It will definitely check the correct box. Oops, with the help of Mopar’s factory parts catalog, the whole thing is basically sorted out of TRX.

A kind Ford Mustang GT and Mercedes-AMG GT.Note how similar they are to half a ton truck.

As I sought to determine how out of touch I was, I first asked Ram G/T if it really meant anything. It doesn’t. It was chosen only to “represent the sporty models in the lineup.”Except for an obvious nod, the slash has no obvious meaning Dodge R/T (Road/Track) model, which even Viper Is an. Even if SRT replaces the R/T on the Mopar performance heap, the latter still represents a model with a significant performance improvement.

But this means that G/T is precisely What do we think it is-a decoration designed to convey the concept of performance, even if it can hardly be found. It does not quite fit me. Domestic pickups have forced us to a large extent to accept the concept of high-performance pickups and luxury pickups, so things that split the difference does not seem so outrageous.But even if we accept the premise that “GT” has far exceeded the redemption point, I still can’t understand the idea of ​​a half-ton truck to capture the spirit. Big tour.

Is this a mountain worthy of death? Probably not, but I used to stand on shaky ground and tell this story alive. Marketing give (the ultimate driving machine) and marketing take away (Voltswagen), but at the end of the day, I will lower my GT a bit.

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