According to the program of Sino-Russian military cooperation for the current year, the Chinese soldiers will go “in the near future” to Russia and will take part in the East 2022 maneuvers there, the Chinese ministry informed.

The aim is to “deepen practical and friendly cooperation between the armies of the participating countries”, “increase strategic coordination” and “increasing the ability to deal with various security threats”but “it has nothing to do with the current situation in the world and in the regions,” the ministry said.

The Chinese authorities did not condemn the Russian aggression against Ukraine and opposed being labeled an invasion. They also spoke out against the sanctions imposed on Moscow by Western states and their allies. Beijing, on the other hand, formally supported the Kremlin’s demands on NATO, and Chinese officials accused the US and the West of fueling the conflict by supplying weapons to Ukraine.

In May, the Ministry of Defense of the PRC reported that the Chinese and Russian air forces conducted a joint patrol over the Japanese Sea, the East China Sea and the Western Pacific. These were the first Sino-Russian military maneuvers since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.