Sometime late In 2019, Diana Dietz began to change her face. As an Instagram influencer and OnlyFans adult content creator, headed by Coconut Kitty, Deets looked like a woman in her twenties to her thirties before then. However, in her new photos—her body remains the same—her face gradually becomes otherworldly: her jaw becomes pointed, her lips become a permanent pout, and her eyes become Bigger and weaker. Some people think she looks much younger. Some people say that she looks like a teenager.

Fans of Deets applauded this transition. She said that before the change, she had about 700,000 followers on Instagram, and since then, they have grown “exponentially” to more than 3 million. On OnlyFans, she posted explicit pictures and videos, and also showed her new face. Deets has accumulated 10,700 paid subscribers, and each subscriber pays £8 (US$11) a month——80% of them are directly owned by her.

But others have also noticed this abnormality. People on Reddit in October 2020 Start discussion How Deets apparently used digital editing to reinvent himself as a “preteen” girl, a move many people called “disturbing.” In early July 2022, the popular TikToker Bekah Day Posted a video Visceral Coconut Kitty modified her characteristics to be “like a young teenager” and directly accused her of catering to the “p-word” (ie pedophile) group. Several other videos from various TikToker followed closely, sneering at the accusation. Deets said they were both “funny” and “wrong”. She regrets that she received “a lot” of hate and threats and lost one of her sponsors, Fashion Nova after the dispute. Fashion Nova did not respond to a request for comment.

In her retelling, her face is adjusted to the cartoon-like young simulacrum of Coconut Kitty at the intersection of privacy and performing arts. Deets said that she is tired of being recognized by her online fans in public, and besides that, she is looking for a way to raise her profile and sell her paintings. Therefore, she tried a visual modification—”I am a completely self-taught digital artist,” Deets said. “I started experimenting with these editing programs and messed them up,” she said of her role in digital change. Deets was cautious about the exact technology she used, but what we do know is that the new Coconut Kitty was finally born. (Deets has given up on using this craze to sell her paintings. She said that most of the potential buyers who contacted her did not regard her as an “art connoisseur”, but preferred to talk to her.)

Deets denies consciously pursuing the appearance of teenagers or even youth. She said that Coconut Kitty’s face is more inspired by anime characters or Disney princesses-they are indeed very young (Snow White is 14 years old, Jasmine 15, Although Ariel and Aurora are both 16 years old), but first of all, Deets said that they are a model of idealized female beauty.

“Let’s look at their eyes, their jaws,” Dietz said of the Disney princesses. “Do they have a young face? I’m not going to look for a young face. I just want to find a character’s face. Coconut Kitty is no different from Jessica Rabbit-a fictional character, a fantasy.”

Any argument that Deets caters to pedophiles is hard to support. Deepfake and digital media expert Henry Adjer said that it is almost impossible to accurately determine the age of a face. “In some cases, you can argue that a face is obviously too young. But I don’t think [Deets’s] In that place.You might argue [Coconut Kitty’s] The face must be 16 years and older, maybe 18 or 19 years old,” he said. “I don’t think there is a way to determine the age of a face. “(Deets won’t say how old she is in real life).

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