Over the weekend, three bomb explosions occurred in the eastern city, injuring at least two people, and a curfew was subsequently imposed.

On Monday, after three bomb attacks in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, people in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo woke up during a curfew, and the authorities warned that they had reports that they were planning more attacks.

On Sunday morning, a makeshift bomb hit a Catholic church in the city, wounding two women. A few hours later, a suicide bomb attack occurred outside a bar.

A day ago, a bomb exploded near a gas station on the outskirts of Beni without causing any damage.

Beni is located in North Kivu, one of two areas that President Felix Tshisekedi placed under “siege” on May 6 to suppress violence in the area.

“I don’t want to see anyone on the street,” Beni Mayor Narcisse Muteba said when he announced the curfew later on Sunday.

“Everyone should go in because we have information that we are planning other things.”

The church attack on Sunday marks the first time that Catholic buildings have been targeted in the area, which has been plagued by escalating violence by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel group, which has carried out a series of massacres in the past 18 months .

“I just want to see the police and soldiers on the street,” Muteba, who is also a police colonel, said when announcing the curfew.

The attack on the church occurred one hour before the children’s confirmation ceremony was about to take place.

After the explosion, blood stains were visible at the entrance of the church, glass fragments were scattered inside, and the audio equipment was destroyed.

“I just entered the church, and I couldn’t even sit down, and I heard the sound of’banging’… My mouth started to bleed,” one of the wounded women, Antoinette Kavira (Antoinette Kavira) Tell AFP in the hospital bed.

“I lost four teeth and injured my arm.”

The second victim was still in shock after a leg injury.

A few hours later, a suicide bomb attack occurred outside a bar.

It is estimated that the ADF is the deadliest among the 122 armed groups wandering in the mineral-rich eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, many of which were the product of two regional wars between 1996 and 2003.

It is historically a Ugandan organization that has been hiding in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1995. In March of this year, the United States stated that the organization is associated with ISIL.


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