Denny Hamlin’s remarks on Indianapolis Motor Speedway and NASCAR were harsher than his remarks on Chase Briscoe after Briscoe Rejected his victory Sunday.

Hamlin attributed their responsibility to the extensive and expensive damage to The Brickyard’s Verizon 200.

Hamlin wrote on Twitter in response to Auto Week reporter Matt Weaver’s comment that NASCAR seems to have problems with every race: “Imagine those race tracks that make hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Can’t reach higher standards.” “They spent millions of dollars on the racing team today. But we will get one that we will do better next time. This will continue because we have never made a real change. It’s always Is to make a difference.”

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The main problem is the limitations of the 5th and 6th turns. The cars in the Cup, Xfinity and IndyCar series rolled, bounced and flew away all weekend. William Byron’s No. 24 car overtook it in the 6th turn of the 78th lap of the 82nd lap on Sunday.Roadside jump triggered Violent multi-vehicle accumulation And red flags.

Byron’s car damaged the curb enough to force NASCAR and Indy to remove it.

Michael McDowell’s car then hit a remaining curb at the exit of Turn 6 and drove sideways when overtime resumed. This led to another multi-vehicle accident and a second red flag.

“The track is a mess,” Hamlin told reporters after the game (According to NBCSports.com). “These cars and curbs and all these things can’t go together. We are trying to force these fans to participate in sports car racing. Although the end is a crash event, I believe everyone will like it. This is stupid. This is A complete circus at the end of the game. You just roll the dice and hope you won’t be crashed.”

“Since we redesigned the track in 2014, this curb has been that curb. We have never encountered this curb problem before,” IMS President Doug Boles told Indianapolis TV station WTHR. “In fact, even last year’s Xfinity car used this curb, and it has no problems. We have not encountered any problems this weekend until today.” Boles also said that the track and NASCAR will discuss what can be done. To make the area better.

Hamlin was knocked down by Briscoe when he took the lead in the second overtime. Briscoe drove through the back seat of Hamlin’s car, thinking he was fighting for victory. However, Nazca had earlier been punished for taking an illegal shortcut on the grass after Briscoe was pushed off the track. The penalty kicked Briscoe out of the game.

AJ Allmendinger inherited the lead and won the game.

After the game, Briscoe told Hamlin that he did not know he was punished at the time. He also said that he didn’t spin Hamlin on purpose.

“I can accept (Brisco’s explanation),” Hamlin said in an interview after the NBC game. “Other times the roles have been reversed. I have been doing this for a long time, and I have been making mistakes. So I understand. To me, it’s like lack of situational awareness. Obviously you will be punished until you cut. Off the track.”

Hamlin Criticized Nazca last week Due to the transfer of the annual Brickyard game from Indy’s iconic oval to the road arena, it is said that the “Crown Jewel” game has been cancelled. Sunday’s game did not change his mind.

“I see no more people here than we see on Brickyard 400,” he said, according to NBCSports.com. “Of course not Brickyard 400. I don’t know. I like road courses. Don’t get me wrong. I think this course is good. It has some good passing areas. If we do anything, please come back twice. I I hate to give the track an extra date, let us leave one of the most prestigious tracks and put us in the parking lot of the infield.”


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