When Mitsubishi Motors ceased production Lancer Evolution (It ends with Evo X) About five years ago, fans of performance cars were disappointed and hoped The famous nameplate will be resurrectedIn May, the Japanese automaker did revive something— Rally Astra Brand – Although it said it will launch custom accessories and re-enter motorsports.

At the most recent annual shareholder meeting, Mitsubishi CEO Takao Kato provided more insights on the Ralliart revival plan, according to reports Reply with Japanese nostalgic car.

“We announced the revival of Ralliart in May. We plan to expand it as a genuine accessory to various models first, but we will also consider participating in rally events in the future. We will make various efforts to achieve this,” Kato said.

Regarding Lancer Evolution, Kato said that this was strongly requested by shareholders, which is of course surprising. In most cases, the lack of an at least profitable business case usually means that the hobbyist model will see no light.

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi currently has no plans to build a new Lancer Evolution, because the main goal now is to return the company to profitability. As part of this goal, the company is focusing on electrification and development of models that are said to bring back the “Mitsubishi driving” feel. This requires currency investment, and it cannot simply be used directly to manufacture the new Lancer Evolution, which is certainly not a mass market model.

“Electrification requires a lot of development costs, and the company is not strong enough. We had a large deficit last fiscal year, so we must revitalize the company before launching the car fans are looking forward to. I want to go.” Kato said. Therefore, the door of the new Lancer Evolution has not been completely closed, but Mitsubishi is currently unable to invest in such a car.

As part of its new strategy, Mitsubishi intends to By 2030, electric vehicles will account for half of its global salesThe company is certainly no stranger to electrification, because it was one of the first companies to provide electric vehicles in the form of electric vehicles. electric car Back in 2009.

Prior to this, the company launched the Evo IX-based Lancer Evolution MIEV concept in 2005, equipped with four in-wheel motors, each rated at 68 PS (67 hp or 50 kW) and 518 Nm. The 95-Ah lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor, allowing the car to reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h.

If the new Lancer Evolution becomes a reality, it may accept some form of electrification—perhaps a hybrid system or even an all-electric power system—to ensure that it meets increasingly stringent emission standards. It will take some time, but if Mitsubishi is on the right path and the conditions are just right, we can welcome the return of Lancer Evolution.

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