The Jaguars gave Tim Thibault a chance to return to the NFL in a pressing position. However, it did not succeed.

After just one preseason game, the Jaguars chose to release Tebow. NFL teams were required to reduce their 90-man roster to 85 by 4 pm on Tuesday, August 17, and he was one of the first players to be released.

Despite his brief stay in Jacksonville, Tebow thanked him for his opportunity in the organization and thanked them on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

Therefore, the Tim Tebow experiment did not fully work. This is always a prospect, because Tebow returned to the NFL after leaving the sport for six years and played his first preseason game on Saturday night. Nevertheless, in the 2022 NFL offseason, his college coach, Urban Meyer Jaguar coach Urban Meyer gave the converted quarterback a chance to fight for a place at the close end position.

Before the Jaguars-Brown preseason game, the 34-year-old Thibault played quarterback for the last time in the 2015 preseason game with the Hawks. Then, he played minor league baseball for five years in the New York Mets. He hit 0.223 with 18 home runs in three minor league seasons.

Meyer admits that Tebow’s road will be difficult. Although the Jaguars and their staff still hope he can find a role, Tebow obviously can’t adapt to his new position fast enough to enter the team.

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Will Tim Tebow become a Jaguar?

When talking about the possibility of Tebow becoming the Jaguar’s 53 rosters, Meyer was basically noncommittal.The first time he did this was in early June Rich Eisen Show interviewIn that game, Meyer admitted that it was not easy to make Tebow a team, even though he spoke very well about his professional ethics.

“What is the percentage of entering the team? We don’t know, this is unknown waters, it will be very difficult, but he has been doing very well,” Meyer told Eisen. “He did a good job in training, he is learning the offense you can imagine. He works as hard as anyone. I see a good friendship between the team and Tim, so far everything is fine. .”

Later that month, when asked about Tebow’s list of opportunities Written by Mackenzie Salmon of USA TODAY, Meyer basically avoided this question. He called Tebow “one of the 90” on the list, and hinted that he had not considered the list of 53 people.

“The last thing you just said is the hard part-it was 53. This is new to me, this is the reality of the NFL, you have 90 players. So for me, he is 90 people. One, he is a… what is the difference between him and the other 40 people trying to form a team? To me, it’s all the same. This is their livelihood, this is their job, this is The way they make a living. And the reality is that a large part of your roster will be cut or moved out of here. To me, this is brand new. In college, you have 85 or 90 people, and you put them in , You put the puzzle together. There is a big difference here.”

Since then, Meyer has remained silent about Tebow’s roster opportunities. But at least one member of the Jaguar staff who asked not to be named believes that Thibault has a “real chance” to enter the 53-man lineup.

“I think he has a chance to join the team.” A Jaguar employee said in late July. According to Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball.com“This is not a gimmick or favor. I think he can be a core special team.”

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How did Tim Tebow perform in the training camp?

As expected, when Tebow began to work intensely with the Jaguars in May, he still had a long way to go.Meyer calls Thibault’s first training with the Jaguars “Awkward,” But it also pointed out that Tebow has “progressed” in the early stages of learning a new role.

“Oh, well, I won’t say strange–maybe embarrassing, first practice,” Meyer said. ”But it was one of 90 people trying to form a team. He has improved, which is brand new to him, but Tyler Bowen has done a good job with our close end. “

Meyer continued to praise Tebow’s improvements during the June OTA.Meyer pointed out that his former quarterback in Florida “Done a decent job” In practice two weeks after Tebow first saw the stadium.

“Oh, Tim did a good job. We all know this is a new position for him,” Meyer said. “He is a great teammate. In the locker room, I can see that everyone gets along well and the chemistry of our team is good. But he did well.”

Is this a resounding endorsement? No; but to be sure, it sounds like Meyer believes that Tebow has a chance to continue to improve and may break the Jaguar’s near-end depth chart.

Recently, Meyer praised Tebow’s hand at the end of July. In other words, he also pointed out that Tebow must solve a problem: catch the ball with his body instead of grabbing the ball in front of him.

“He has good hands. In his training, he is great, but when you enter the competitive moment, it’s just (because of his) inexperience that he wants to physically control the ball,” Meyer said. Every CBS sports“When you get to the point where two people are chasing the ball, you have to catch the ball. He is trying to overcome this, but he has the skills to catch the ball.”

Of course, this is expected for players operating in the new position. But as Jaguar offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer explained to reporters, Thibault’s previous quarterback experience was beneficial during his transition.

“You will see the football mind, you will see him looking at the game from the quarterback perspective,” Schottenheimer said after training on Sunday. Every ProFootballTalk“There was a game in the red zone a few days ago. I think it was CJ (Beathard) who broke out and rushed to the left. The first person to see it was Tim. We passed him a touchdown pass. That’s why. Well, he has played this position-he stood there and saw, “Oh, well, he is moving in this direction, I must go with him. “It will also be interesting to watch him play in the preseason.”

Schottenheimer also discussed Tebow’s quest to understand the nuances of his new position.

“He knew something he didn’t know,” Schottenheimer said. “He asked incredible questions, you know, he really did it.”

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How Tim Tebow did in his first preseason game

The first preseason game that Tebow ended tensely was unforgettable. He was targeted only once in 16 offensive snapshots and did not receive the ball. He did not play in a special team.

Tebow played for the first time with less than 20 seconds left in the first half. He had the opportunity to indirect the ball on the court, but he and Tavern Austin ended up in the same position in the game. Austin managed to catch the pitch, which is not an official goal for Tebow.

After halftime, Thibault didn’t see the court until a few games at the end of the third quarter. Jacksonville gave him some red zone snapshots and he was used as a blocker. Progress is not going well.

Tebow’s first block attempt went wild online because he hit a Browns defender but slipped off his side and fell to the ground. His poor block had no effect on Dare Ogunbowale’s 6-yard run, but it was still ugly.

In other words, Tebow’s attempt to block in the next game can be said to be worse. His mission was immediately blown away by him, and Ogunbeauval suffered a loss.

This is true from Tebow to the last four minutes of the game. During that time, his only target glanced from his hand. It was almost intercepted. However, the ball is tilted on the melee line, so the incompleteness is not entirely Thibault’s fault.

Meyer did not talk about Thibault’s debut because he was not asked about Thibault’s performance in the post-match press conference.

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Jaguar proximal depth map

The good news for Tebow is that the Jaguars lacked NFL-level talent and experience in the near-end space when he was vying for a spot on the lineup. In fact, the six close ends on their roster have only 101 catches at the NFL level.

player Career gains
James O’Shaughnessy 88
Chris Man Hertz 12
Ben Elefson 1
Tim Thibaugh 0
Taylor davis 0
Luke Farrell 0

It is worth noting that Farrell is the fifth-round rookie of Ohio State University, but in his four college seasons, he only received a total of 34 times. Therefore, if Tebow performs enough on the special team, he may still be on the roster.

For now, however, Tebow finds himself behind two veterans-Manhertz and O’Shaughnessy-and Farrell on Jaguars’ depth map. He was ranked fourth in the depth map along with Ellefson and Davis.

Depth Map Ranking Player
1 Chris Man Hertz
2 James O’Shaughnessy
3 Luke Farrell
4 Ben Elefson, Taylor Davis, Tim Thibaud

Of course, the Jaguars’ preseason week 1 depth chart does list Gardner Minshew and Trevor Lawrence as co-starters, and Travis Etienne is a third-line running back, so it’s important not to interpret this too much now.


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