If anyone knows one or two things about the trilogy and competition, it is the retired top two champion Daniel Cormier (Daniel Cormier). He was ultimately defeated in a trilogy with Stipe Miosic and got involved in one of the fiercest disputes in UFC history with Jon Jones. As someone who will serve as a commentator on UFC 264, the commentator, who has turned from fighter to commentator, provided his thoughts on the third game between Dustin Bowrill and Connor McGregor. correct.

In a meeting with reporters after the weigh-in on Friday, Cormyr quickly rejected the suggestion that this was a must-win situation for McGregor.

“In this case, I want to say that this is a matter of life and death, but I was recently reminded that it was not because of Connor McGregor,” Cormyr said. “Even if he loses the game on Saturday and fights another person and fights Nete Diaz for the third time, assuming he wins the fight against someone like RDA, he will be back in the title picture because he Will linger around the header image as long as he participates in the sport.”

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Since leaving the UFC lightweight division in 2015, McGregor has only achieved an amazing 7-0 and six knockout results with a score of 3-3. But this does not necessarily hurt his star power, because his rubber game with Poirier will almost certainly become the biggest pay-per-view in 2022. If he loses, there are other lucrative games. However, this is definitely not the way McGregor wants to go.

Instead, the Irishman is seeking to return to his way of victory, and some people think that he gave up the role of Mr. Goodman in order to become the McGregor of the past.This McGregor’s trash talk came quickly and fiercely Because Poirier refused to engage in another battle of words. But Cormyr didn’t think McGregor’s antics were great.

“To be honest, I don’t think (trash talking) is that important,” Cormyr told Sports News. “I think this is one of the most exaggerated things in the whole battle-pretty Connor vs. Angry Connor.”

The rivalry between Cormyr and Jon Jones caused both fighters to participate in a melee before the octagonal cage met. Although Cormier does believe that mind games will have an impact on fighters, he believes that these will not affect the version of McGregor we will see inside Octagon.

“How different is he going to play?” Cormyr continued. “He wants to fight. When he enters the octagon, whether he is angry or happy, he will fight as much as he can. I don’t like the last fight between Connor holding his hot sauce and Connor’s wine. Accumulation.

“It’s more interesting, but in the end it will come down to who was better that night. So it doesn’t matter if you create hatred, anger, hate that person.”

But Cormyr did believe that McGregor found more comfort in these irritated moments.

“Some people do better in the chaos,” he said. “True emotions will hinder you. It happened to me (against Jones). But for Connor, that’s exactly what he wanted.”

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