Details: Copywriting and Copywriting at Marriott International

Copywriting + Copywriting + Content + Social Media

The past 6 months have not been “normal” at all. Like many people, I have been trying to adapt to the times. Although I have worked with hundreds of hotels as a reporter for many years; and have cooperated with various Marriott International brands on many photography projects; I was honored when asked to become the official supplier of the brand to meet their copywriting and copywriting needs.

If you are working with one of the Marriott brands and need to hire an approved copywriter and/or copy editor for brochures, website copy, advertising and marketing activities, or any other branding project, please contact me so that I can communicate with you and your Customer cooperation team…

As a person who has worked in the hotel for more than 10 years and writes news and editorials for magazines, websites and other media; now being able to “formally” cooperate with the impressive Marriott International Group hotel is so natural on all levels The fit. Thank you for the support of those of you who I have worked with in this new position, and those who support me in providing these services. Thank you! !

Contact us to discuss how I can help you with your copywriting and editing needs…

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