Stellantis provided us with a lot of information about it Future electric car plans On Thursday, include a roadmap for each of its brands to achieve the goal of making electric vehicles account for 80% of the company’s total global sales by 2030. We will introduce all the highlights here, focusing on those markets that are most important to the United States.

Stellantis previews 4 electric platforms: Here is how they are used

This is the method behind the rest of Thursday’s madness. Eventually, Stellattis will migrate its electric vehicles to one of these core platforms based on the new GM electric vehicle power system architecture.

Dodge will launch “the world’s first electric muscle car” in 2024

looks like dodge It will call on its 60s tradition (peeking at the glowing “Fratzog” on the nose) to create a brand new fully electric muscle car.Based on the STLA Large platform, it is expected to be as low as 0 to 60 times 2 The range can reach 500 miles in seconds. The automaker also hinted that a pair of 330-kilowatt electric motors provide a maximum power output of up to 886 horsepower.

2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

By 2025, Jeep will launch 4xe plug-in hybrid models in the entire lineup

The iconic 4×4 brand will have Plug-in hybrid Variants of each model by 2025.American market compass 4xe is expected to debut this summer, and Wagner 4xe has been announced.This Big 4xe will be exhibited at the New York International Auto Show in August.

The all-electric Ram 1500 will start production in 2024

You didn’t expect Ford F-150 Lightning Will give all the space to myself, right? Ram said it will have an electrification Ram 1500 It will be listed soon.Is it fast enough to beat General Motors?

Stellantis teases mysterious electric Chrysler concept

This is a real puzzle game.We have contacted Chrysler For details, but for now, what we know is that this all-electric concept car seems to be suitable for production, and on the surface it will use the same large STLA platform as the Dodge muscle car.

Opel Manta E trailer

The Opel Manta E will be the electric revival of the classic German coupe

If you forget, we will forgive you Opel Now part of Stellattis, the new ownership brings new opportunities. The company reactivated the Manta nameplate for what appeared to be a premium coupe/hatchback concept.

Fiat said that from 2024, all Abarth models will be electric

This may not matter in the U.S. market, where 500 times Will soon become the only vehicle it sells, but Fiat The performance department is moving towards fully electric. Hey, maybe we will get 500X Abarth before Stellatis unplugs the American Italian brand (yes, sorry). once again.


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