dodge Earlier this year, the plan for electric rotation of muscle cars was revealed.It also warned that it needs to abandon V8, but it pointed out that the adoption of electrification will not be an immediate push Challenger with charger Beyond its scope.

“The new platform will be launched in 2024. New car By 2024. We did not say that the current car will die in 2024.There may be a little overlap, but you won’t have both classic and new models year after year, year after year,” Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis said in an interview Muscle cars and trucks.

His timeline suggests that there may still be a V8-powered charger with Challenger For the 2025 model year, although there is no official news yet. Dodge’s plans for the future of its muscle cars are vague. What we know at this stage is that the new variants of both cars are on the road and they will be produced in Canada until at least 2023.Surprisingly, the same file comfirmed this Chrysler 300 Production will continue until 2023.

Dodge’s definition of the new variant is vague. It may refer to the level of decoration, option packs, or more comprehensive redesigns. Although the challenger turns 13 in 2022, the company has done an excellent job of keeping it fresh through design updates. However, its expiration date is coming soon, and its successor will exclusively provide electric power systems. It will be built on the STLA Large platform developed by the parent company Stellattis to support all-wheel drive performance cars. The bottom panel cannot be modified to carry a 6.2-liter supercharged V8.

Whether muscle car enthusiasts will accept Dodge’s upcoming electric car remains to be seen. Kuniskis admits that this model will not satisfy everyone, but he hopes that it will bring enough new customers to make up for the lost number.

“Some people won’t follow, that’s the way it is, but we hope we can fill it with new people,” he told Muscle cars and trucks“When you make a major change, there will be people who will not follow you, at least initially. But when they see that we are serious, many of these people will eventually come back, and we will go to be Dodgers first. ,” he concluded. Time will tell whether this bet will be rewarded.

dodge Accepted Electrification is in progress, but it is not fully committed to electric vehicles.Non-electric models will play an important role in the next few years, unconfirmed reports claim A plug-in hybrid model called Hornet Coming soon.


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