Dodge, known for its muscle cars, announced that it will produce an electric car, which will be unveiled in 2024. This is big news, and the company even released a short trailer with a modern version of the concept car. The Fratzog logo used on its cars in the 1960s and 1970s.

As with most trailers, there is not much clearly visible content, and the company did not provide too many details. According to the content displayed, the car has a coupe-like appearance and a front end that is reminiscent of classic chargers and challengers.

Elsewhere, LED strips end vertically on each side of the grille, while the flowing roofline leads to the rear with recessed taillights and another Fratzog instance. If you want to know that the name of this logo is meaningless, the story was fabricated by one of the Dodge designers, and the company decided to adopt it.

Retro styling aside, this unnamed EV seems to be equipped with a dual-motor setup for all-wheel drive, allowing it to burn in four wheels. Given that the most powerful Dodge muscle car currently available for purchase is the 807-horsepower Challenger SRT Super Stock, electric vehicles are expected to provide more.

Dodge’s parent company Stellatis revealed in its 2021 Electric Vehicle Day announcement that there will be a dedicated electric platform to support its branded vehicles. Essentially modular, the architecture has four versions, including STLA Small (range up to 500 kilometers), STLA Medium (range up to 700 kilometers), STLA Large (range up to 800 kilometers) and STLA Frame (range up to 800 kilometers) ) ), the last one is suitable for pickup trucks and other body frame vehicles. STLA Large should be very suitable for Dodge EV.

So why would a brand be built on God’s green space (the company’s own words) Challenger SRT Demon, Durango SRT Hellcat with Charger SRT Hellcat, Make such a decision? The answer is performance.

Dodge CEO Timothy Kuniskis said, “If the charger can make the charger faster, we are there.” He further elaborated, “Dodge customers are buying experience, not Technology”, and the brand actually attracts the youngest and most diverse customers in the industry.

Kuniskiss added that these millennials make up a quarter of the American population and have the highest spending power. More importantly, these people have the highest acceptance rate of electric vehicles. Therefore, by combining consumption power with electricity and horsepower-related brands, Dodge hopes to create a customer profile today, which will become a key driver for muscle car buyers to purchase electric vehicles in the future.


For more than a decade, Dodge has seen a growing market share by continuously increasing engine horsepower, and electric vehicle technology will further increase these benefits. Kuniskis admits that the company’s engineers are reaching the practical limit of what they can squeeze out of the internal combustion engine. “They know that we know that electric motors can provide us with more,” he said.

Therefore, in order to meet the needs of power-consuming customers, electric vehicles were chosen. “Dodge does not see electric car technology as a revolution, but as a natural evolution of modern muscle cars. Let’s face it, cars and muscles will not change, and modern people are obliged to do so,” Ku Niskis explained.

Despite announcing the launch of electric vehicles, Dodge stated that it “will not sell electric vehicles” but “will sell eMuscle in the US.” The company did not clarify further, but hinted that eMuscle is a brand applied to “the world’s first all-battery electric muscle car”, which will “tear the streets, not the earth.”


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