If you buy a bottle of CBD oil, start a month-long routine, and then don’t take the bottle out of the cupboard for a while, you must be wondering how long you can keep consuming it before it goes bad.

Or, you might have an old bottle sitting in an old corner that looks like it’s past its expiration date.

Well, no matter your situation, CBD oil expires like most manufactured products. Depending on how you store CBD oil, Consumption should still be fine for 12 to 24 months before it officially goes badbut there are a number of factors that can prolong or compromise that timeline.

Read on, if you want to master some trading tips to extend the life of your CBD oil, which honestly should be everyone’s because CBD products don’t come cheap!

Factors Affecting CDB Oil Life

Although CBD oil is expected to be safe to consume for 12 to 24 months (we generally throw away our CBD products after 18 months), there are many factors that can affect the longevity of your CBD oil. By paying attention to these factors, you can keep your CBD oil bottle in good shape for long-term use.

quality of marijuana

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, similar to the longevity of CBD oil. If you only eat high-quality foods, the result will be a healthier lifestyle, just as other ingredients are used to make the CBD oil you consume.

First, the hemp used to make CBD should be organic and high-quality. Because hemp quickly absorbs substances from its environment, hemp needs to grow in clean, nutrient-rich soil. If a brand doesn’t care about using high-quality cannabis to make its products, this should be an indicator that you should look for a different brand to buy from.

Extraction Method

Carbon dioxide (Co2) extraction methods and steam extraction methods will be your best options for aging your CBD oil bottle well. Both of these methods are clean methods of extracting CBD without the use of any solvents, which adds extra elements to the CBD oil, which we would like to avoid.

Liquid-liquid is another term for solvent extraction that increases the chance of extra elements that expire in the CBD oil bottle.

The Co2 approach maximizes CBD levels while also helping to maintain the stability of other cannabinoids in cannabis.

If your CBD oil is made using hydrocarbon solvents, your oil is likely to contain toxic residues. If these toxic substances are not removed properly, they can also seriously affect the shelf life of your CBD oil.

Additional ingredients

When brands add additional ingredients, such as essential oils or vitamins, to their products, the risk of one of those ingredients going bad or going rancid increases.

Think each ingredient has its own expiration date, and the more ingredients you have in CBD oil or any product on the shelf, the countdown multiplies from one or a few ingredients to many. As more and more ingredients are added to the oil, these percentages have a detrimental effect on keeping the product fresh and consumable.

CBD oil made with minimal added ingredients will have a better chance of remaining available for a longer period of time.

If the CBD oil uses only hemp and a carrier oil, like MCT oil, your chances of longevity will also increase because none of the other ingredients will deteriorate as the bottle ages.

Product packaging

The packaging of your CBD oil can also affect the shelf life of your product. In case you haven’t noticed, CBD oil is usually stored in amber, dark, or blue bottles. These bottles are made to protect CBD from light. If CBD oil is exposed to light, its quality will degrade, negatively affecting the longevity of the product.

product storage

Those pretty-looking amber or dark bottles won’t help you if you’re still storing your CBD oil bottles incorrectly. If you store your CBD oil bottle in an area with light and heat, you can expect your CBD oil to degrade faster. Always find a moderately cool and dark place to store your CBD products so you can prolong the life of your CBD.


How to know if your CBD oil has turned

If you can’t seem to find an expiration date for CBD oil on your product, don’t worry. There are other ways to check if your CBD oil has expired. Here they come:

Musty or rancid smell

A fresh bottle of CBD oil should have a fresh, clean, earthy scent. If it smells bad or musty, it’s definitely in the throw-away stage. If you’re not sure at this point, your best bet is to find a compost pile or dump it straight into the bin. Wash the bottle and recycle it or use the bottle for other tinctures you make.

CBD oil looks dark

If your CBD oil has a thick consistency and a darker appearance than you remember, the oil has likely gone bad. If the liquid is too thick and looks cloudy, this is another good indicator that your CBD oil is past its expiration date.

However, a cloudy appearance doesn’t always indicate that your CBD oil has expired. After all, long-term storage of oil in the refrigerator can lead to a cloudy appearance. Luckily, taking it out of the freezer will get rid of its foggy appearance.

not fresh

If your CBD product does not contain artificial flavors, it will have a grassy or earthy flavor. On the other hand, expired CBD oil can have an unpleasant smell and be a little rancid. If your CBD oil passes the sight and smell tests but doesn’t taste the way the bottle says it does, such as mint or berry, or doesn’t have that earthy, clean taste, chances are your CBD oil has seen better days .

Ways to Preserve CBD Oil

A bottle of CBD oil can be very expensive. That’s why it’s crucial to store it properly if you want to use up the last few drops of it. Here are some easy ways to preserve your CBD oil to prolong its life.

Buy only the amount of CBD oil you need

As obvious as this may seem, sometimes the drop in price to buy a larger bottle can make the best of us forget to only buy what we need, no matter how much the savings is.

If you’re not consuming a lot of CBD oil on a daily basis, it’s best to only buy small or medium bottles. Make sure you only get extra bottles when the current supply starts to run low.

Store your CBD oil in a cool, dark storage area

As mentioned above, CBD oil degrades rapidly when exposed to heat and light. Although the packaging is designed to keep the light away from your oil, storing it near a heat source will speed up the degradation of the product.

Having said that, you should store the oil in a dark and cool storage area. Some ideal places to store CBD oil include cupboards and drawers. The pantry is also another great storage area. Also, make sure to keep the oil away from kitchen ovens, windows, and other sources of excessive heat.

You can store CBD oil in the refrigerator if desired, but keep in mind that the oil will thicken, which in turn can make dosing in a dropper more difficult.

Keep your CBD oil out of the air

In addition to light and heat, air is another factor that contributes to the accelerated degradation of CBD oil. So, don’t forget to check that you’ve closed the bottle properly after use to make sure the air doesn’t come into contact with the oil.

in conclusion

As we all know, CBD oil and all other CBD products can be expensive. To make sure you don’t throw away your hard-earned money, it makes sense to take a few precautions to ensure you can consume the entire bottle without having to toss any in the bin.

Finding a cool and dark place is essential when it comes to preserving CBD oil. You can store it in the refrigerator if you want, but it’s important to remember that the oil will thicken and make it more difficult to meter properly from the dropper.

Always check the label to see when the manufacturer recommends the product has reached its expiration date, and generally CBD oils are good for 12 to 24 months, although we at CBD schools tend to toss our CBD oils after 18 months.