Beating the famous London Eye, Dubai now has the world’s largest and tallest Ferris wheel, one of the newest attractions. The tallest Ferris wheel will be inaugurated in the city of Dubai on October 21st.

According to reports, the wheel will take 250m to see incredible skyline views.

Located on Blue Waters Island, this place is known as Al Ain Dubai and offers spectacular views from the top. There are 19 customizable experiences where you can dine or host corporate events, weddings, engagements, birthdays and more.

This wheel takes about 38 minutes to make one revolution and 76 minutes for two revolutions. It is said that there are private log cabins for tourists. Ain Dubai has 48 cabins, all air-conditioned. There are even private cabins for tourists, plus around 1,750 tourists can visit once on wheels for an intimate experience.

You can also customize the cabin to meet such needs, including hosting cultural events and more. This destination is set to become one of the best landmarks in the city, and with its introduction, it is sure to expect more visitors.

The Ferris wheel will open on the 50th anniversary of the UAE, while Dubai’s Al Ain will be open to tourists during the day and night.

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