Due to the team’s COVID-19 issue, North Carolina State University was removed from the University World Series earlier on Saturday.

The NCAA Division I Baseball Committee announced this decision. The decision was made on the advice of local health officials in Omaha, Nebraska. About the Wolves (37-19) will face defending champion Van der in this year’s final. Bilt made it 12 hours before. The game was declared no game and Vanderbilt was declared the winner of the game.

Commodores will face Mississippi or Texas in the first game of the three-game final series on Monday.

“This decision was made based on the recommendations of the Champions Medical Team and the Douglas County Health Department,” the NCAA Division I Baseball Committee announced on Twitter at 2:10 am EST on Saturday. NCAA said it could not provide more details, citing “privacy issues.”

North Carolina Before Friday’s game, the active roster was reduced to 13 After the players were placed in a health and safety agreement with Vanderbilt. Wolfpack chose not to give up the game; they played and lost to Kumar Rocker and Commodores 3-1. This result formed Saturday’s winner-takes-all return showdown until health officials stepped in.

Wolfpack coach Elliott Avent issued a statement on Saturday Through school Lamenting the way his team ended the season:

“This is a heartbreaking situation, and I feel guilty for all those involved and all those who are attracted by the heart and fighting of this team,” Avent said. “Our medical staff and our players have performed well this season. Everything they do is to ensure our safety and prepare us for the game day in and day out. I like this team in the past. In the past month, many people have to watch the game. “They also fell in love with them. Although we are all heartbroken, this team will never be forgotten and will always live in the hearts of wolves and baseball fans. “

North Carolina Athletic Director Boo Corrigan said:

“The past 24 hours have been very difficult for all participants. My heart is with the student athletes, coaches and staff of our baseball program.” This is a painful way to end the season, and we thank them for their efforts throughout the year. , And incredible support from Wolfpack countries. No one will forget how they came together, inspired us all, and how they represent North Carolina. The health and safety of our student athletes and staff will always be our unwavering priority. This timing was devastating for all participants, but it did not diminish their incredible achievements this season. “

ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips also issued a statement regarding the North Carolina State University season:

“We are truly heartbroken for the student athletes, coaches, support staff, administrators, alumni and fans of North Carolina State University. Ending the season abruptly in this way is devastating,” Phillips said. Watching this team, especially in the playoffs, is simply encouraging, and we applaud the resilience of the entire plan this season. “

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