Portland, Oregon-The temperature in Portland on Sunday reached at least 112 degrees, the hottest record ever. once! Well, the official is because they started recording such things in the 1940s, but what is certain is that it did not reach 120 in 1854 or other times. The average temperature at this time of year is 73 degrees, or nearly 40 degrees lower. In areas where many people do not have air-conditioning (or the air-conditioning of the house is not enough to meet the temperature of Phoenix, how did I know it), this has proven to be unpleasant.

It also caused one of Oregon’s many quirks to temporarily cease: forbidden to breathe. The State Fire Marshall Office ordered that Oregonians can legally pump their own gas before Tuesday night (June 29). Governor Kate Brown approved a temporary suspension/allowance.The fire chief did not make an official announcement, so no official reason was given other than the “heat wave”, but some people think this is to prevent gas The law requires attendants to stand around a piece of black asphalt at a temperature of 112 degrees.

Although there are some places in Oregon where you can pump your own gas (tribal land or remote areas, for example, I’m refueling at a government camp) Kia Soul Above), in most cases, we are waiting for a good person in the car to fill up.Honestly, when it’s 45 degrees and it’s drizzling, it’s not a terrible thing… although it can be a bit painful when it needs to be refilled during use Road trip And the station is very busy.

Of course, because Oregonians rarely pump their own air (if any), this means that many people don’t actually know how to pump their own air. They even expressed concern about this, and considering that you are dealing with gallons of extremely flammable liquids, they are not completely unreasonable. Therefore, the folks at The Oregonian/OregonLive provided the above-mentioned convenient video for those who need to fill up in the next two days, and are a little worried that doing so may cause themselves to blow up.

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