This Innovative eBussy electric bus system A company from the German startup ElectricBrands will never appear. Say it again: eBussy (insert Snickers). What may always be the basis of every imaginable joke will no longer be joked. There is no doubt that the Germans representing the eBussy project must have hidden the deep laughter (like us) when designing, designing, sculpting and crafting eBussy. Maybe there were too many mistakes during the meeting. Maybe too many Google searches fail.Maybe people just don’t understand the acronym for eBussy electronicElectricity Bus systemdry. Whatever the exact reason, eBussy name Dead, now recognized as XBUS.

In fact, ElectricBrands seeks to develop (it claims to be) one of the most sustainable lights electric car On this planet, it is now always called XBUS. We forever, forever, once, Say again eBussy. After three years of development, ElectricBrands’ XBUS is now a fully functional prototype, awaiting its upcoming world premiere. Production is scheduled to start in Germany in the middle of 2022 and includes the completion of approximately 9,000 pre-orders and approximately 10,000 orders from a European network of approximately 600 dealers.

The first XBUS prototypes are appearing in Germany and other European markets, but guess where it is going? To the North American market. According to the company’s website, A. The ordering system for Americans will be opened on September 1, 2022. Naturally, ElectricBrands will have to re-evaluate the feasibility of XBUS in all potential markets in the next few years, but what is a bit exciting is that in theory, we can see this fashionable truck-like thing on our roads.

The XBUS electric bus system is built on a standard or off-road chassis and is completely modular-body modules and battery modules. Like Lego bricks, there are multiple modules that can change the rear configuration of XBUS. Basically, 10 interchangeable bodies can instantly transform XBUS into a convertible, station wagon, pickup, van, camper, or van. We will choose XBUS off-road camper. According to the manufacturer, it offers more than 370 miles of driving range (provided by a 30 kWh battery pack) and can carry up to 2,200 pounds. Is XBUS too good to be true? Just wait and see.

Also, at the time of writing, did we mention that the site still says eBussy?

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