The British have been mourning the death of Elizabeth II for several days. Some pay tribute to the queen through emotional entries and thanks on social media, others go in crowds, incl. to the gates of Buckingham Palace, where they lay flowers and sing the national anthem. Mourners are also happy to bring a whole lot of gifts there. Among them, special attention should be paid to Paddington teddy bears and the iconic marmalade sandwiches.

The last of the gifts does not quite like the members of the Royal Parks organization, which manages the places where residents say goodbye to the monarch. They asked, via BBC TV, to that the British would bring only unwrapped flowers to celebrate Elizabeth II.

The message to the people of Great Britain was given by the host of the breakfast program, Sally Nugent.

“I just want to give you some advice that came in from the Royal Parks this morning. They suggest that there are enough marmalade sandwiches and paddingtons in them right now. Please, then, Feel free to bring flowers, but don’t bring mascots and sandwiches yet“- said the host on the BBC.

The news on the breakfast program saddened many Brits. No wonder – like the queen, they loved her habits. Among them, it is impossible not to mention one of Elizabeth II’s favorite snacks – marmalade sandwich.

Like the sweet delicacy, the mourners have a famous video in which the monarch serves Paddington’s bear at breakfast. The video was published on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the queen’s reign. The recording shows how Elizabeth II looked at the bear cub with calm and kindness, who first drank all the tea and then trampled the royal breakfast. Then the teddy bear took his sandwich out of the hat. The Queen picked up her purse and took out her second breakfast as well – a marmalade sandwich.

The video was made available on YouTube on The Royal Family channel in June this year. It has been viewed over 9 million times so far.

Let us remind you that Paddington also said goodbye to the deceased queen. On the official TT account of the bear you could read the same words with which he addressed Elizabeth II in the video mentioned.

“Thank you for everything” – wrote in the post.