My favorite foundation, this is the lightest of the two shades I have (I bought it in Austria some time ago. Now there are more shades, which confuses me), and I also used 110, the one I bought the most Light (okay, but darker). I am full of praise for this foundation here. It is a foundation that makes my skin look very good and a bit perfect. Although the coverage is only medium, it is exactly this. The texture of this foundation makes the skin look particularly good. My skin is normal dry skin, I don’t think this is a matte formula suitable for oily/oily combination skin, because it neither produces too much matte effect nor inhibits oil, which is why it suits me very well Because it is not suitable for drying.

Repurchase: Yes it is, I already have a backup.

I like this very much, especially the facial massage (I alternate between this and Nuxe). The ingredients are great, it is a blend of various oils (argan, macadamia, maracuja, apricot, sunflower, coconut, almond, grape seed and sesame), vitamin E and C, cocoa butter, retinol and resveratrol-I Don’t know the percentage, but this is a very mild formula. It is lighter than many oils, and sometimes I even use it in the morning, but in most cases it is part of my daily work at night. This smells typical of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter series, with a bit of chocolate.

Repurchase: Just placed an order.

One of my favorite oils and the strongest in my collection. My skin likes this very much, at least from the beginning, it has a noticeable difference compared to other oils on the skin that suits my skin, but then it just made other oils so, this makes my skin glow and they stay It is checking. For price reasons, I will stick to my other favorites, Palmer’s and Nuxe.

Repurchase: maybe one day. Maybe my skin needs a break, and then I will see a bigger difference.

I do not like this Cell therapyAlthough they are similar in terms of ingredients, this one just uses vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) instead of AHA. It has the same smooth, thick but flexible hydrogel and contains a lot of essence. It is not as bright as Cell, but it is still good.

Repurchase: I prefer the effect of pink cells.


black Pearl

I still use these (I have a pack). It is one of my favorites because it makes the skin radiant and moisturizing.

Repurchase: Yes it is.

ORIFLAME Swedish Spa Salt Crystal Body Scrub

This is not bad. Since it is a salt scrub, some people may think it is rough, but I have more scrubs. It has a strange feeling, almost like there is some petroleum jelly in it, although there is no mineral oil or petroleum jelly in it, but it is not completely washed off, leaving this sticky feeling on the skin, and it also sticks to the bathtub/shower floor And the situation becomes a bit slippery. I find it best to wash this off with a shower gel, but if you don’t, once you wipe it dry by yourself, the skin won’t feel sticky. It smells very fresh.

Repurchase: Do not.

Baleo cream

White light

Balea One of my favorite LEs. It smells like white chocolate with coconut and a little powdery.

Repurchase: complete, I must get a pair before they go.

THE BODY SHOP Body Shea Butter

One of my all time favorites. When the skin is very rough, dry and needs quick repair, TBS Body Butters is the best choice. This is a formula that you must apply before going to bed, because it is a thick, rich formula that takes time to absorb. This fragrance is a nice neutral, creamy, slightly nutty fragrance.

Repurchase: Yes it is.

NIVEA Firming Body Lotion Q10 + Vitamin C

Although I don’t like this texture Nivea’s body souffle with coconut and Monoi oil, This is one of the best body lotions I have tried so far to achieve longer-term results. It promises to make the skin look better in 10 days, and it does. It is not a body lotion, it can instantly miracle on very dry skin like TBS body butter, but they are only temporary, and the skin is dry again after a day, but this Nivea has significantly improved the condition of the skin when I use it every day At that time, the driest part of my skin, such as the elbow like sandpaper. It also makes my skin softer-completely unheard of for my skin. I’ve been reading other people’s reviews on how moisturizers make their skin soft, but I never got this effect (I later got the same effective souffle version, so Nivea got two from me Thumbs up). It also contains Q10 and Vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which are in the middle of the ingredient list. In terms of texture, it is the lightest formula in my range (I like that my body moisturizer is heavy and thick), however, it takes a long time to absorb.

Repurchase: I prefer Soufflé, but it is very likely I will get two again.

This is a very useful moisturizer. It makes the skin feel smooth after being absorbed. Although the pudding-like consistency is thicker, it does not take that long. However, it is not very nourishing and my skin needs more. I get better (and long-term) results from Balea Urea Lotion, (any) Nivea Cream, Bath & Body Works Shea Lotion or The Body Shop Body Butter, so I will stick to these. It smelled like perfume, with an unrecognizable warm smell, and occasionally a hint of honey, but not like real milk. It’s like TBS Body Yoghurts-you can use it when you want to smell good and use something that is lightly moisturizing that can be absorbed quickly.

Repurchase: I like it very much, but My skin needs more.

L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

One of the best hand creams. The texture is very rich, but it absorbs quickly and does not make your hands greasy. Now I use Balea’s Urea hand cream, it is much cheaper and easy to use, but I really want to have this hand cream again. It has a huge capacity of 30ml and 150ml to choose from, can be used for a long time, and it smells good.

Repurchase: Yes it is.

This has been discontinued, but it has good ingredients-a lot of protein and coconut oil are on the list. It is not similar to my beloved, Quench Serum Crème is also discontinued, so I don’t like it very much, but it will still be missed in pharmacies. This is a leave-in conditioner that feels heavy when using more than three pumps and is not easy to combine with other products. Dove now has some new hair care products, but those more interesting things are impossible here.

Repurchase: It is discontinued.

A magic hair mask perfect for very dry hair. It is super thick and is basically a lip balm, so it is difficult to apply to the hair, but I use a 25ml bag to manage it, but if it is not 2 euros, I will use two at a time. This ingredient is great because it ranks 3rd in argan oil, 4th in macadamia oil, 5th in linseed oil, 6th in castor oil, followed by glycerin, panthenol, and hydrolyzed keratin in the middle of the list. And collagen. It nourishes my hair, is less frizzy than usual, and feels silky smooth.

Repurchase: Yes it is. I really want a can or two, but my local Müller doesn’t sell it.

IKOO INFUSIONS Heat Therapy Wrap Color Protecting Repair Mask

It would be much better if the mask were in a separate compartment instead of being handled inside the hat like Balea. Since my hair is very long, no matter how much I try to massage, the product does not apply too much and most of it ends on the top of the head. There is also no self-heating effect like Baria. The quality of the hat is better, the thick plastic material is used, and the stickers are kept well. Because I didn’t apply it to my hair, only the top of my hair got the maximum conditioning effect. The first day was fine, my hair felt light and silky, but then it became very dry and I had to make it smooth and oily. Absorb some moisture. It’s too expensive for the results I get, but it might work well for shorter and drier hair than mine.

Repurchase: Do not.

DOVE Nourishing Secret Repair Ceremony 48 Hours Antiperspirant

My standard deodorant. It can get the job done, which is the most important thing. I find that stick deodorants are the most reliable for me, but they all leave white marks that I can handle. This smells like coconut, although I’m used to it now, I don’t even smell it anymore.

Repurchase: complete.

Babylove wet towel

Basic, inexpensive baby wipes that can be used for many purposes. These removed makeup samples are okay, but not all. They are beautiful and gentle without leaving too much residue, so I use them on the face, body and surface.

Repurchase: I bought Feuchttűcher mit 99% Wasser, as the name suggests, mainly water, they are also very good. I will buy two more.

Bath and body care PocketBac

All of these have such a strong smell, they can be used as perfumes, which is why I like them. Despite the moisturizing beads, the formula is dry, which is expected, but they are very small and can even be placed in a small pocket. I believe the smell is mostly LE, some may be permanent, but this is a smell they often release in autumn, their marshmallow pumpkin latte smells like sweet vanilla latte.

Repurchase: I am happy to buy them, but they are hard to buy, and when you find them, they are not like they are in the US at $1 per bottle. I still have a pair.

SOAP & GLORY Hand Maid

The best hand sanitizer I have ever used. It smells like candy and it is not dry. I have these stocks, now there is only one.

Repurchase: Not available now, I don’t know if it still exists, but I used to buy them on Boots before Brexit.

Balea cleansing gel

Despite the regular existence, I always get the scented version. These are good enough and may smell more like BBW, but they are not sticky, leave no residue, and are not very dry. I used to hate extra packaging, but now I buy it for that because I can put them outside the bag. However, I use 48 spray the most among all disinfectants because it is a spray and I can also use it on the surface.

Repurchase: complete, I took the new magic version and it smelled like berries.

I used these three. When I bleach my roots, I use them for toning, I only apply it there and then blend it a bit with a comb, but I omitted my ends and it is always well evened out. It is not enough by itself to turn my dark brown hair orange (when using 12% developer instead of added developer), so there are still 3-4 shades that are too dark, but I use it after bleaching with bleach 3% developer removes the strong golden brass tone. Revlon Colorsilk 70 Slightly better, but this one is sold everywhere here.

Repurchase: complete.


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