One of my favorite lip colors. I used (well, still have) several of these colors, but now they are all very old, so I don’t use them, but I have to repurchase this one. This is one of the first matte liquid lipsticks I have tried, and it is more sheer than the formulas that started to appear on the market later. It has a mousse-type texture, it takes a while to fully cure to a matte finish, and it won’t be completely opaque in the first coat, but it ends up looking more natural than an opaque liquid formula. Nude-ist is a medium soft warm pink.

Repurchase: Complete

MAX FACTOR Color Strengthening Cream

30 Redefining the Rose

I think this has been discontinued because I can’t find it on the website, so there is not much talk about its significance. For many years, I have used it as a backup lip color in my bag. It is a beautiful lipstick/lip balm hybrid with a very rosy hue.Mine is too old to use, so it has been replaced in my bag Catrice Plumping Lip Liner 020 What a Doll.

Repurchase: It has been discontinued, but MF has some other great gentle lip products.


Berry puree

Lip Smackers is one of the few lip balm that I like. I just don’t like their sweet fragrance. They are all inspired by drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite…), fruits, desserts and candies. For children and those who are young at heart, this is more.This was also in my bag for too long, it has expired, so it was replaced Bee natural lip balm. I think this exact version is no longer for sale, even though we have Elsa in DM.

Repurchase: I am concerned about the new panda version in DM.

My favorite lip balm, I have said a lot recently. Because of its size and the similarity of glue sticks, it may look dumb, but that’s because it is not a lip balm, but an emergency lip balm for dry areas. I have used it for many years.

Repurchase: Complete.

My favorite cleansing oil, this is a refillable bag. These refills are actually not enough to fill the entire bottle, which is strange. I think it is only 3/4 or 4/5 full. In any case, it is a very good cleansing oil that can emulsify, has a good cleansing effect, does not blur my vision and can be completely washed off. There is also no fragrance, which is a good extra.

Repurchase: Complete.

Another oil I like, it is very similar to Hada Labo, but this oil needs to be used up as soon as possible. I opened three oils and this one has been on the shelf for a few months (definitely less than a year), because I had to use up the old ones and they changed a lot. It started to irritate my eyes, not that they were burning, but after cleaning, I shed tears for a while and the smell became more rancid.Usually the oil does not deteriorate so quickly, but Biobased, The cheapest oil I trust will not let me down and is on sale in our pharmacy, has been discontinued, so now this is the only oil I can buy, I can still get a cheap price (when it has a discount) Can be bought for a few days. HL needs to be ordered from Japan.

Repurchase: Yes, this is the only decent one I can get quickly.

Balea refreshing cleansing gel

My cleansing gel has been used for many years, but I switched to it later Balea’s pink bubbles I also use Mixa’s baby cleansing oil (Despite the name gel) and Babylove Kopf bis Fuss gel. In the long run, these three are more suitable for my dry skin, but Balea’s gel is still a great product in our pharmacy-cheap, effective and non-irritating.

Repurchase: If my skin changes and is no longer so dry.

I finally threw this away. When it comes to exfoliating effects, it is useless for my skin. Despite the strength, it never stung my skin, but it also never left me with the effect everyone is describing, so there is no fresh, renewed skin feel, no shine, no smoothness or softness. It didn’t even help my blemish marks disappear faster, which is the original reason I got this. Not worth mentioning at all. But my skin would be sour like that, nothing happened. The only reason I still keep this is BHA, because when I have spots, salicylic acid helps.

Repurchase: I don’t know. I got their 7% glycolic acid toner. We had a bad start and 10% lactic acid. This has potential in the end, but it’s not great.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask

I have four such people and they keep me going forever, because I am terrible in these occasional treatments, and by default I just do my routine procedures. I think this version has been discontinued, it is my favorite, but their Glow version is still available.These are still my second favorites, but they were beaten by me Glam Glow Supermud, It combines clay mask and AHA.

Repurchase: I also have a Glow version, and then we will see.

It’s nothing special, but it is very light and has good ingredients, which makes me want to use it every day. It is mainly a moisturizing toner containing a small amount of retinol, peptides and vitamin C. It is a light and simple product that I can easily include in any combination of skin care routines.

Repurchase: Complete.

CERAVE moisturizing cream

I only have one such sample, but a generous sample has continued my considerable use. This is a super thick moisturizing cream that can stay on the skin for a long time to be absorbed. Although it is rich and contains amazing ingredients, it does not help when my skin is super, super dry.What have you done Mixa’s Cica Cream, Which basically created a miracle. For the body, this is a good choice because I like this thick cream, but for the face, I prefer their PM version, and I also got a sample.

Buy: Maybe just use it on the body.

Babylove super sensitive head-to-toe lotion

I use it as a hand sanitizer every day and occasionally as a facial cleanser. This is a simple, very mild cream formula. Even though I wash it many times a day, my hands will not dry out. The pump is a bit scary because it sprays too far, especially when it gets clogged a little bit.

Repurchase: I bought the fragrance version, which is a thicker gel.

AFRODITA Lavender Relaxing Moment Oily Body Wash

It has such a wonderful lavender fragrance, I really like it. The formula is nothing special, but the fragrance alone is worth it, even if it only lasts a few seconds.

Repurchase: Yes.

BEBE Peach Fresh Fruit Cream Shower Gel

It has a nice peach scent from the beginning, but at the end it has a cheap soapy scent. Nivea’s Apricot Better, but after using the whole bottle, I’m sure it works. The formula is very thin, nothing special.

Repurchase: It should not.

DRESDNER ESSENZ warm and comfortable shower

too expensive. Just an ordinary shower gel, it doesn’t even smell like Christmas. It smells more like oranges than spices.

Repurchase: No.

BALEA Crèmedusche Magical Wonderland

A basic shower gel with floral fragrance, I think it is a mixture of rose or peony and some citrus. I’m not sure if this is still on sale, but I often buy Balea shower gel.

Repurchase: No.

BALEA Rasiergel exotic cocoa

My standard shower gel. I have been buying these products for more than ten years and have tried many LE versions. I am not a big fan of this coconut, it is too synthetic.

Repurchase: Yes.

BATH & BODY WORKS Ultra Shea Butter Body Cream

Twilight Forest

Fragrant mist is one of my favorite scents, but this is a different scent, more fruity than woody. However, if it gets on your clothes, it smells like mist. The texture is great, this is a beautiful, rich and thick moisturizer for dry skin.

Repurchase: I am a little disappointed with the smell because it is different, but still very good. I might get a different version.

L’Occitane Peony Hand Cream

L’Occitane has some of the best hand creams in its Shea Butter line, but these hand creams from the perfume line are usually not that special thin formula. They smell good and strong, but I will always stick to the 20% version. I kept this mini in my bag for a long time, but it has expired. It has a great floral fragrance, just like the other products in the series.

Repurchase: Not this version.

Balea care cream makes us magical and frustrated

These are the lighter Nivea creams in the pan. They absorb so quickly that I used them as hand creams for a while. Since the first launch a few years ago, I have had many versions, these two versions have a refreshing rose fragrance (which makes us magical) and a vanilla cookie fragrance. The main disadvantage of these is that they need to be used up quickly, otherwise they will turn glassy yellow and change the texture.

Repurchase: No, I am tired of these.

L’Oreal Elvital Öl Magique Low Shampoo

This is similar to curl nutrition, but not as good. There is no silky feel at all, and the formula feels a bit strange.

Repurchase: No.

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishing Cleansing Conditioner

This is an excellent product, unfortunately we don’t have it here. It is a one-step product that combines shampoo and conditioner, but is essentially a conditioner that does not really foam, but my hair feels clean anyway, except for the scalp. It contains a lot of silicone, so when I rinsed it out, it made the hair very silky and moisturizing enough, although I only left it for a few minutes, it didn’t have that much time to work. This is the product I use when I don’t want to disturb my complicated daily work because it’s too fast, but if your hair is dirty, it can’t replace the shampoo/conditioner combination, it’s more suitable when you use it when you’re short of time Or the hair becomes very dry. It has no effect on the appearance of the hair, so there is no frizz control. A long time ago, when I felt it from a height, I broke the pump.

Repurchase: I can’t.

I use my standard shampoo almost every time I wash my hair because my scalp is very dry. It keeps my hair from getting tangled or dry.changed package Now, it is a combination of white and mint green.

Repurchase: Done, I think I have two spare parts.

Pantene Pro-V Intensive Repair Shampoo

Repurchase: Yes.

BALEA Professional Kophaut Balancing Conditioner

DM has stopped this. I don’t know why I worry about German brands such as Balea, Essence, Catrice, etc. They stopped everything and kept launching new products as if they were competing. In any case, this is a good scalp conditioner that helps relieve my itchy scalp. I hope it has no effect on my dandruff, but it is a good product. I also have this series of scalp moisturizers.

Repurchase: discontinued.

GUHL Deep Strengthening 1 minute Intensive Repairing Concentrate

For my very dry, rough, super curly hair, this is a useless mask. The ingredients are good, but it is too light and not nourishing enough for me. For hair that is not so dry, I think it would be great.

Repurchase: No.

SHEA MOISTURE Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Mask Sachet

I have tried this now because I also cut a new hair (it didn’t help my dry hair the first time), but it still didn’t stand out as much as I hoped. The ingredients are great and the formula is super thick, so in theory I should like it, but I didn’t get the wow factor, maybe because I have tried a lot of things. La Croa repair It’s very similar (and better in my opinion) and sold in my local Muller.

Purchase: I think I will try other better versions.

A super thick, gentle mask, like the repaired version that I often repurchase, but I have no impression of this. It doesn’t feel so strong on my very dry, thick hair. I insist on buying repairs. I have lost hope that we can buy the pot version here, because in my local Müller, the number of their products has shrunk.

Repurchase: I will get repaired again.

CREATEURS DE MONOI face, hair and body oil

One of my favorite oils, but mainly for hair. It is the only oil that does not make my hair smell rancid the next day. It is a mixture of coconut oil and jojoba oil. It is a good oil for hair and against very dry hair. It has a strong floral fragrance, which is very good.

Repurchase: I have a spare.

BATISTE dry shampoo

Tropical, blush, cherry

I can no longer deal with dry shampoo. I used to use them occasionally just to add fragrance and volume to my hair, but now they all feel very dry. But Batiste is one of the most praised dry shampoos for oily hair, but personally, I find the powdery feeling very annoying, and I prefer the more refined Morocanoil dry shampoos. Tropical has a coconut scent, and I find it lacks something. Blush is a good strong orchid scent, and Cherry is another good floral scent.

Repurchase: No.


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