The eyeliner I have been using for many years. It is very dark, matte and has a good long-lasting effect. The applicator can retain a lot of color, so I don’t have to dip it in the application process. I have used up a ton so far and I will continue to repurchase it.

Repurchase: complete.

The applicator ruined this for me, but the formula is very similar to Catrice. The shorter, harder, and less precise tip does not always deposit the product well, but removes it occasionally, so uniform application is not as fast as Catrice. However, with some extra effort, you can get a great application, so it is useful.

Repurchase: Do not, I would rather pay a little more for Catrice.

The light serum containing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that I use every morning. This is my second bottle. It has the most subtle shimmer and creates a very natural and subtle glow. It doesn’t look like all those shimmer primers that make the skin look greasy (such as CT Hollywood Filter), but it is a very The shiny light is hard to see, but it’s beautiful when you see it. This also keeps my skin in good condition.

Repurchase: Yes, But I haven’t because I might try Evelyn’s Such products, see how they compare.
I found this buried in the refrigerator. Of course I forgot, because for various reasons (cold, far away, taking up space), I would not put skin care products in the refrigerator. I don’t like it very much anyway. This is my first strong vitamin C (20% ascorbic acid). My skin has a short reaction for a day or two, and then there is nothing. I used it regularly for a few months, but without any results.Then i got 10% of Eucerin One, it’s much better. I really don’t use ascorbic acid products anymore, because honestly they make my skin smell like cheap tanning agents. I use other versions of vitamin C, which have the added benefit of being more stable and odorless.

Repurchase: Do not.

One of the cheapest and best sunscreens in Asia. It is very light, but it leaves some shine on the skin, which is more like an all-around liquid highlighter on my dry skin than an oily shine. It solidifies very quickly and feels dry to the touch. It works well as a foundation for makeup and does not flake off.

Repurchase: I prefer Garnier fluid Because it is sold here and it is lighter, but I will one day.

My standard purple shampoo.This is one of the strongest I have tried (the other from Innebria) And it works very well when cooling yellow tones, but like all products of this type, it is not suitable for orange-gold tones (wrong tones).The formula is suitable for my very dry hair, although it doesn’t look like Extraordinary formula This is also nutritious.

Repurchase: complete.

AVEO Sensitive Shampoo

I have used shampoo for a while. This is my scalp shampoo because, like my other hair, it is very dry and has its own set of problems, but I like this shampoo because it is different from other scalp health-oriented shampoos. The shampoo is also suitable for my dry hair, but it does not strip or tangle it.

BALEA MED 5% urea shower + shampoo combo

I use it as a shampoo and shower gel. As a shampoo, it is suitable for dry hair, but Aveo is better. I want the formula to be thicker and richer, but I still repurchase it regularly.

Repurchase: Yes.

One of the best conditioners I have found for my very dry hair. It is softer, more moisturized and more durable than other brands. The only weakness is frizz control, but I can deal with it with the help of other products. It smells like Coke and Coke, and comes in a 400ml bottle (there are also large sizes, but they are only sold abroad).

Repurchase: complete.

One of the best hair care products ever. It makes my hair less rough after dyeing, but I always use it in combination with K-PAK Intense Hydrator because it does not make my hair soft enough by itself. I found that when my hair is not in good condition, I use this combination first, and then use Olaplex in the next hair wash, I will get better results, just like when I use Olaplex directly, because Joico has better “touchability” “Effect.

Repurchase: Yes.

For its part, I don’t have a deep impression of the visible or tangible results, although I believe in the science behind it and use it often because I bleach + dye my hair, but I like to work with n.0 (liquid Olaplex, the strongest version) and later n.5 conditioner (although I like to add Cantu or Lazartigue repair mask To add moisture). I had a treatment day, separated n.0 and n.3 all day long (covered with a shower cap so that it would not dry out), then washed my hair at night, and left n.5 for an hour. This way my hair is very soft, at least for my rough, super dry and damaged hair. I also finished two Olaplex leaving ins n.6 (cream) and n.7 (oil).

Repurchase: complete.

Healthy Sexy Hair Sanmai Leave-in Conditioner

I have drunk so many bottles, this is a mini one, because the large one was out of stock when I bought this last time. It keeps my hair hydrated longer, it contains some protein, so it makes it stronger and has a fair level of frizz control.But recently discovered Moroccanoil all-in-one leave-in conditioner, I like it better because it makes my hair softer, even though it hardly tame frizz like this.

Repurchase: may be, But now I insist on using Moroccan oil

BALEA PROFESSIONAL Scalp Balancing Cream

This is one of the products with the shortest residence time of Balea, and it has been discontinued along with other products in the series. It is a unique product among cheap drugstore products and is a scalp moisturizer. It is suitable for dry, itchy, flaky skin and is very light. Despite the nozzle, it is not easy to apply it anywhere. It helps relieve itching, but it has no long-term effect.

Repurchase: discontinuedThere is no substitute for Balea.

REVLON Colorsilk beautiful colors

70 medium ash blonde

I like bleached and toned hair color the most, although I use L’Oreal Excellence 8.1, it is very similar because it is easier to obtain, so it is more commonly used. The reason I like this better is that its color is a very beautiful gray blonde, and it does not contain ammonia (and it is cheaper at full price). Unlike most hair colors I have tried, the formula is very fluid, but it has less effect in the bathroom than L’Oreal, and it does not have the smell of ammonia.The result is visible here.

Repurchase: Yes.

DOVE Deep Nourishing Body Wash

One of the best shower gels ever, although I don’t understand why they call it a gel instead of a cream. But in the past, most Dove gels have this rich creamy texture, now only this version is available, and the other new gels I have tried are disappointingly liquid. I miss the coconut and jasmine version with the pink cap.

Repurchase: Yes.

PRIMARK Sleep Relaxing Body Wash

Disappointed. I look forward to a relaxing lavender fragrance, but this one is so herbal and bitter, it reminds me of men’s fragrances. Afrodita is better, but this is just my taste for the scent of lavender. I like packaging inspired by the starry sky.

Repurchase: Do not.

BALEA shower


This may be gone by now, but it is one of the best LE perfumes made by Balea. I used three or four bottles. I hope they will use this scent again at some point. It smells like coconut white chocolate + a little powdery.

Repurchase: Yes, If they still own/own it.

DOVE Nourishing Secret Repair Antiperspirant

My standard deodorant. I have used a few so far and it still works for me. This one has the fragrance of coconut.

Repurchase: complete.


Spiced apple wood, running (night) is my cardio and pumpkin cake

These are the best scented antibacterial gels. Use these like you spray perfume, some people (like me) like it. They have different versions and they exchange so fast, so it makes no sense to say how my taste is, but they are all great.

Repurchase: I will if I can, but they are too expensive on eBay.

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