If England’s long trophy drought finally ends, there may not be a better chance than the 2021 European Cup final at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday. Since 1966, the last obstacle to the first Grand Slam title is Italy, a team that has not lost a game in a record 33 games.

England has made history, just by reaching the European finals-this is the first major event final in 55 years-and this is in an impressive defensive performance (only one goal lost) and veteran forward Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane scored in time. But over the years, British fans have been accustomed to heartbreak, knowing that the final obstacle often proves to be the toughest for this team.

Italy has won the Euro before, but it has been for some time (1968). After qualifying for the finals in 2000 and 2012, the Azzurri hopes to finally add another champion, while also changing the image of Italian football in the process. Under the leadership of head coach Roberto Mancini, the Italians left a positive impression on the whole and showed the world that Italian football has experienced a downturn including the miss of the 2018 World Cup After the period is making a comeback.

Watch: Use fuboTV to watch the live broadcast of the 2021 European Cup finals (7-day free trial)

This is a fascinating matchup between the two most passionate and legendary football nations on the planet. Although England is the most popular, according to the odds setters, this game will boil down to one or two key moments, either way.

How to watch the 2021 European Cup final

  • date: Sunday, July 11
  • time: 3 p.m. EST
  • TV channel: ESPN
  • Spanish TV: Univision, TUDN
  • stream media: Fubo TV, ESPN+, TUDN application, TUDN.tv

The 2021 European Cup Championship will be broadcast in the United States by ESPN in English and Univision and TUDN in Spanish.

Both networks can be streamed fuboTV (7-day free trial). ESPN+ will provide contests for subscribers, and the contests will be available to authenticated users on the TUDN app.

England vs. Italy expected lineup

Italian media said that Mancini is considering using a fake number nine in the offense to replace the inefficient center Ciro Immobile. But the latest reports indicate that Immobile, who leads the regular starter, will keep his position.

From the semifinal game against Spain, it is clear that the Azzurri did miss the offensive boost provided by Leonardo Spinazzola on the left wing. Emerson Palmieri replaced the injured left back (with a ruptured Achilles tendon), but the Italian team without a starter seemed less energetic.

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Gareth Southgate is not afraid to adjust his formation during the tournament, switching between a four-man or five-man setup (three central defenders and two full-backs) as needed. This is the biggest decision he faces.This Latest reports let England choose Three central defenders, Kieran Trippier (Kieran Trippier) replaced 19-year-old Bukayo Saka (Bukayo Saka) as the right-wing defender, the latter performed well in the game against Denmark.

England (3-4-3, from left to right): 1-Jordan Pickford-GK-6-Harry Maguire, 5-John Stones, 2-Kyle Walker-3-Luke Shaw, 4-Declan-Lai S, 14-Calvin Phillips, 12-Kieran-Tripier——10-Raheem Sterling, 9-Harry Kane, 19 Mason Hill

Italy (4-3-3, from left to right): 21-Gigi Donnarumma-GK-13-Emmerson Palmieri, 19-Leonardo Bonucci, 3-George Chiellini (C), 2-Joe Vanni di Lorenzo-6-Marco Villati, 8-Jorginho, 18-Nicolo Barrera-10-Lorenzo Insigne 17-Ciro Immobile, 14- Federico Chiesa

England vs. Italy: odds and predictions

If the team is usually cautious and conservative in the championship finals, don’t expect to see many goals from these two teams in Sunday’s final: England has found an effective defensive formula in the last 12 games. Only two goals were lost in the game. Italy was unbeaten in 33 consecutive games and only conceded 10 goals.

This game will boil down to one or two key moments, and as a possible aggressor, England will be in the best position to create these moments. Considering the many weapons they use to beat the team-set kicks, speed and flanking dribble, precise crosses and creative passing moves like Mason Mount-England should finally find a way out.

As the knockout matches progressed, Italy created fewer goals (1.3 and 0.4 expected goals against Belgium and Spain) and admitted more dangerous opportunities (both quarter-finals and semi-finals) 1.7).

The free-flowing offensive football that won applause in the group stage feels like a distant memory. Italy has become dependent on individual glorious moments in the offense, rather than complex moves and combinations. And goalkeeper Gigi Donnarumma (Gigi Donnarumma) is getting more and more influential in every game.

Although the Italians have the tools and mentality to achieve this goal, they will not be able to match the England team that finally saw the trophy within reach.

prophecy: England 1, Italy 0

Odds provided by DraftKings

  • England win (90 minutes): +148
  • England won the trophy: -121
  • Lucky draw (90 minutes): +190
  • Italy wins (90 minutes): +240
  • Italy won the trophy: +102
  • The total number of goals is less than 1.5: +148
  • England scored first and won: +170
  • England won by one goal: +285
  • England -0.25 Asian Handicap: +106


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