England 2 Germany 0

History is everywhere in this game, but England players have strongly denied it before.England win 2-0 The ghosts that failed in the past By Germany-in 1970, 1990, 1996 and 2010. Everyone at Wembley Stadium felt this, presumably including England coach Gareth Southgate (Gareth Southgate), who missed a penalty kick at the London Stadium in 1996 to get England out.

In the last few minutes of Tuesday, England scored two goals and allowed 40,000 people to enter Wembley to break into the “Three Lions”, the national anthem of England’s “30 years of injury”-most of which were made by Made in Germany.

This is the first time since 1968 that the England team won a knockout in the European Championship without a penalty kick. But this is a new type of England team, mature, more professional, more organized and fearless than their predecessors after reaching the World Cup semi-finals in 2018.

Football is a game of turnovers, and a team with fewer turnovers like the England team tonight usually wins.

The pass was almost never misplaced, there was almost no blind clearance, and the positioning was very professional. England’s wide players cut off the supply line of the terrifying German full back. Jordan Pickford’s goal was impeccable. The cliché after the big game in England was that they “fight like a lion”, but on Tuesday their operations were more computer-controlled. After four games, they have yet to concede a goal.

This is not interesting. The cautious Southgate sent three central defenders, although the German team had only one striker Timo Werner for most of the game. This makes the England team’s defense line overcrowded, and the midfielder is understaffed. There is no good passer in the team, and it is very difficult to move forward, which rarely surprises the Germans.

England captain Harry Kane, bottom, disappeared under his teammate after his team’s second goal ©Andy Rain/Pool/AP

There is no doubt that this helps explain why England captain Harry Kane-who has been deadly for Tottenham Hotspur this season-has been prolonging his painful 2020 for most of the game European Cup of the year. Raheem Sterling and Bukayosaka were much smarter, but at some point, England achieved the incredible feat of quieting Wembley in the knockout match with Germany.

In the age-old tradition of England ignoring its creative players, some of them have begun to start on the bench, but few people sent Jack Greeley to Saka in the 68th minute. Kane was allowed to stay outside, obviously because of his qualifications. Seven minutes later, the switch succeeded. Sterling started a move and passed to Luke Shaw through Kane and Greeley. The latter made a low pass. Sterling hit home from 6 yards. This was the third time he and the England team had in the tournament. Goals.

Before that, Kane had been so poor that it began to look like an identity theft case. Perhaps he was pressured by the pressure of being England’s biggest card on the German ceremony, because after the first goal, he came alive, moved more and passed the ball sweetly. Four minutes before he was saved: Shaw intercepted and fed Greerich in midfield, who hit a cross at an awkward height and Kane bent over to go home.

This aging German team-their coach Joachim Löw withdrew after 15 years and the four world champions in 2014 on the field-has come to an end. After that, the English players stayed on the court because the fans created the most lively atmosphere that most people have experienced since the pandemic began. “I just think it was a good afternoon,” Southgate told the BBC.

Central defender Harry Maguire, officially known as the “Star of the Game”, said: “The past few years have been difficult years for everyone in this country, so to put a smile on your face again is to enjoy the beautiful moments. .”

England now finds themselves in the easy half of the draw, with a quarter-final in Rome on Saturday, Kane may be freed from his demons and play in the semi-finals and finals at Wembley’s home. Anyone who is not familiar with those “30 years of harm” (which has since increased to 55 years) may ask: What could have gone wrong?


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