The Turkish President met with the UAE National Security Adviser Sheikh Tahenon bin Zayed Al Nahyan for talks.

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are rivals in the Middle East. They have been in contact in recent months and have made some progress, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said after a rare meeting with senior UAE officials.

Erdogan said on Wednesday that he and the UAE’s national security adviser Sheikh Tahnun bin Zayed Al Nahyan discussed investment in Turkey, adding that if the negotiations go well, the Arab The United Emirates will make a “serious investment” in Turkey.

The Turkish President also stated that he is open to meeting the de facto ruler of the UAE, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.

Turkey and the UAE support opposing parties in regional disputes, including the Libyan conflict and the blockade of Qatar by several Arab countries.

In a TV interview, Erdogan said that the talks with Abu Dhabi led by Turkish intelligence agencies have reached a certain stage in the past few months.

“I believe there will be more talks in the next process,” he said.

“We are in favor of direct negotiation and resolution of issues by the major players in the region.”

The UAE also supports Greece’s energy claims in the disputed Eastern Mediterranean waters, and Turkey pushed the region last year to find new natural gas deposits.

But Erdogan has worked hard to engage with a range of regional competitors, including Egypt, as he tries to break the growing diplomatic isolation that has cooled foreign investors in Turkey’s fragile economy.


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