Eric Adams, a retired black police captain who promised to restore order to the streets of New York City, quickly took the lead in the city’s Democratic mayoral primary, while entrepreneur Andrew Yang’s efforts failed.

Tucked in between them are the progressive Democrat Maya Wiley and the moderate Catherine Garcia-both of whom will become the city’s first female mayor.

This election is known as the most important election in a generation in New York because the most populous city in the United States is trying to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. More than 33,000 people died Residents, destroyed its small businesses and exposed Deep-rooted social and racial inequality.

It also includes a showdown between the progressive and moderates of the Democratic Party.

The victory of Adams, regarded as a moderate in law and order, will strike a blow to the party’s left wing, which sees the mayoral election as a referendum on many of its most important priorities, including calls for “Cancel funding for the police“.

Liberal stars such as Alexander Ocasio-Cortez support Willie and hope to leave their mark on the city’s political agenda.But the momentum of progressives stagnated Rising crime Adams had promised to deploy more police on the street.

This also seems to benefit Garcia, who is campaigning as a pragmatist who can restore the metropolis during the term of the unpopular current President Bill de Blasio.

According to data from the Election Commission, after accounting for nearly 97% of the votes, Brooklyn Mayor Adams leads with nearly 31.7% of the votes.

Desire’s former lawyer Willie, who promised to deduct $1 billion from the police department’s budget, has an approval rate of 22.2%, while Garcia, the former head of the health department, has an approval rate of 19.5%.

thatHe is an amiable outsider who has gained fame for running for the Democratic presidential nomination for a long time and has enjoyed a leading position for several months. But the results of the first round showed that his approval rating only stayed at 11.7%, which confirmed that his campaign had declined as election day approached.

“According to the figures released tonight, I will not be the next mayor of New York City,” Yang told supporters when he admitted to the campaign.

Ray McGuireA former Citigroup vice chairman raised huge sums of money from Wall Street and promised to bring the eyes of a corporate executive to City Hall. His approval rate was only 2.4%.

It may take several weeks for the winner to be crowned, as the city is waiting for the mailed ballot to arrive. It also introduced a ranking selection voting system, where voters can list their preferences from one to five. The losing candidates are eliminated and their votes are redistributed until the winning candidate exceeds the 50% threshold. The system introduces a level of uncertainty that did not exist in previous games.

Although Tuesday’s vote was an internal party primary, given the vast majority of Democratic voters in the city, it is widely expected that the winner will win the November general election.

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