Errol Spence Jr. withdrew from his game against Manny Pacquiao on August 21 after being found torn in the retina of his left eye.

Doctors discovered Spencer’s injury during a pre-match inspection conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday. Spence, who has an IBF and WBC welterweight championship belt, will undergo surgery on Wednesday to repair his eyes.

“I am disappointed because I cannot fight Manny Pacquiao on August 21,” Spencer said (Via ESPN). “I’m very excited about this game and the game. Unfortunately, the doctor found a tear on my left eye and said that I need surgery as soon as possible. In this case, I can’t fight with my eyes.”

Spence (27-0, 21 KOs) later said on Twitter that he “Coming back from a worse situation,” Said that he “definitely” would fight the winner of Pacquiao-Ugas.

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At the same time, Pacquiao (62-7, 39 KOs) will replace Spencer to face Youdenis Ugas. After winning the title against Keith Thurman in July 2019, he will seek to regain his WBA title from the Cuban boxer; during Pacquiao’s suspension, the WBA recognized Ugas (26-4, 12 KOs) are the champions.

Ugas, already on the Spencer Pacquiao card, allowed his own opponent Fabian Madana to withdraw from the game after being injured in a sparring session on Monday. ESPN’s response was to put the previously stranded fighters into one game and create another game to keep the four games pay-per-view.

Ugas said: “It’s an honor to fight the great multi-level world champion Manny Pacquiao, because I am ready to accept this challenge. I respect Pacquiao very much, but I will win this battle.”

However, Pacquiao’s victory does not guarantee a match with Spencer: he is preparing for a presidential campaign against the current Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines in May. In any case, he sympathized with Spencer and wished him a speedy recovery:

Pacquiao said: “The correct way to win the world championship-and the only way-is in the ring.” “I ask everyone to join me in praying for the complete recovery of Little Errol Spencer. Thank God, in Before he suffered any further injuries, his physical examination revealed the condition of his eyes.”


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