With the 10-man Dutch team losing in the round of 16 of the 2020 European Cup, the Czech Republic and Denmark have reached the quarter-finals.

Forward Patrik Schick scored his fourth goal of the match as the Czech Republic defeated the Dutch team 2-0 in the European Championship round of 16.

The Czechs created a better chance in Sunday’s game. Their opponents were better. Earlier in the second half, Matthijs De Ligt was sent off for handball and their numbers decreased To 10 people.

The Czech team played in the quarterfinals with Denmark in Baku on Saturday, when Thomas Hols headed the goal after Thomas Callas brought the ball into his path in the 68th minute.

Hols then became a supplier because he set a second for Sigg, and the striker calmly passed the ball to Dutch veteran Stekelenberg to continue his dream tournament.

Czech players celebrate after the game [Bernadett Szabo/Pool via Reuters]

The Dutch team’s challenge was hit in the 55th minute when central defender Matisse De Licht was shown a red card for handball outside his own penalty area. He was initially shown a yellow card, but referee Sergey Karasev changed his mind after the video assistant referee checked.

The Dutch lack frontiers

After playing three games in Amsterdam, he became the champion of Group C with a 100% record, and Frank De Boer’s fantasy Holland made his way in the game for the first time.

In the crowded Puskas Arena (Puskas Arena is the only Euro 2020 stadium that does not limit stadium capacity as an anti-coronavirus precaution), a group of noisy fans in orange clothes roared at the opening ceremony The lively Dutchman dominates the confrontation.

In the 8th minute, Danny Blind escaped Tomas Vaclik in the Czech goal with a cross from Danny Blind, but De Ligt headed for the goal. Cut open by Memphis Depay.

Then Denzel Dumfries was released on the left shortly after the raid on both wings, but was unable to score his header into the open goal due to Waklik’s swing again.

Stefan de Frei, Ryan Gravenborg and Giorgio Wijnaldum of the Netherlands looked frustrated after the game [Bernadett Szabo/Pool via Reuters]

But after absorbing the early pressure, Jaroslav Silhavy’s well-organized side, qualified to be one of the four best third-place teams, began to constitute a series of dangerous counterattacks. Own threats.

Tomas Soucek, who took over the captain’s armband from the injured Vladimir Dalida, glanced at the dangerous header halfway and stretched out completely.

Then Antonin Barak, fed by Lukas Masopust, shot the goal with his left foot and missed the high post when he was about to score.

Direct red card

Earlier in the second stage, when Delicht was sent off by the Russian referee Sergey Karasev after a VAR review, the Czech team’s advantage changed decisively.

Referee Sergey Karasev shows the red card to Dutch player De Ligt [Laszlo Balogh/Pool via Reuters]

Leverkusen striker Sigg, the Czech team scored three goals in the group stage, Delicht was under pressure, and the Juventus defender blatantly smashed the ball away with his hands and refused the goal.

Halfway through the half, with the blood of the Czechs, Pavel Kadrabek should have made a good start in the penalty area, but saw his shot blocked.

Then in the 68th minute, Ballack’s arc free kick from the right was scored by Thomas Callas, who had time to header and cause chaos among Czech fans.

With 10 minutes to go before the end of the game, Sigg secured the victory with his fourth goal in the 2020 European Cup. After a rampant hole pounced on a loose ball and made a clever cut, his left foot was close. Break on the goalpost.

In fact, as a man, the hapless Dutch has never beaten Oranje for the fourth time in a row in front of jubilant fans like he caught up with the comfortable Czech at the last minute.

Thomas Hols of the Czech Republic celebrates scoring their first goal [Bernadett Szabo/Pool via Reuters]


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